The Fifth-year Star Four Land Parent-child Culture Forum was held in Taipei

The Fifth-year Star Four Land Parent-child Culture Forum was held in Taipei

People’s Daily Online Taipei December 7th (Reporter Wu Yaming, Ren Chengqi) The Fifth Side of the Four Platei Parent-child Culture Forum held in Taipei on the afternoon of Taipei, the theme of "the parental view under global education – the limited liability and unlimited responsibility of parent-child culture ".

This forum is jointly hosted by China’s concern for next-generation work committees, small tomatoes and Babyboss. When the famous writer in Taiwan, Liu Wei said in the presentation that life is constantly gathering and separating, and the child must gradually go out, the idea of ??parents will change.

He pointed out that in today’s Chinese society, children tend to gather in love, parents should think about how to educate their children, help it when they need it, and give them space when they need it, let them independence; at the same time, official and privately Strive, gradually improve the pension system, reduce the pressure to young people, create a harmonious society. Chen Huixiang, a well-known writer in the mainland, said that parent-child education in the Internet environment needs to face face, and it is also confusing.

He believes that parents can look up to become a dragon, but don’t "force Jackie", should handle the relationship between children and the Internet, give the child to the Internet time, communicate with children, guide it online, healthy game.

Mai Zi, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the School of Education, Macau University, Xu Chi Dong, a professor of the Chinese Department of Hong Kong, also delivered a speech. The four speakers have also conducted PK-style communication and interacted with the audience under the audience. Taiwan’s "Variety King" Xu Nailin also shared his breeding experience.

Liu Wei’s son, Taiwan Xinrui Fashion representative Liu Xuan as a forum host. This is Liu Yuxi and sons and sons in 1993, after participating in charity fundraising activities, it was the same as Taiwan. When two people were interviewed by reporters, they all recalled a conflict between my father and son, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Today’s forums lasts for nearly 4 hours, most of the audience is from mothers from the family, including several "Beinmei 2013 Champion Baby Competition". The four-strait four-strait parent-child culture forum has been held in Beijing, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, is a high-end dialogue platform in the field of parent-child cultures.

Refer to the cover epidemic to promote "home dating"

Refer to the cover epidemic to promote "home dating"

On November 15th, we stepped through the house during the blocked last year and held a social distance from each other.

And when the blocked is released, it is afraid again.

Therefore, technology has become a spiritual medicine.

Today, a year and a half, the epidemic accelerated digital transformation.Of course, online dating has always existed, but the new crown epidemic and numerous applications have changed dating games.At the moment, it is a good time to see the Naifei website on your mobile phone, join the party, and even a video evening meal.This is the home dating.The "Today’s India" Weekly covered reports will review the new Conduct in this new interior.

As things go back to normal, what will the date of the date?.

Shandong took the lead in carrying out the review of "four new" economy new professional title

Shandong took the lead in carrying out the review of "four new" economy new professional title

Original title: Shandong took the lead in carrying out "four new" economic new professional title review four years ago, Ren Tao Lin’s work position from "mechanical design" cross-border to "Industrial Internet". Today, as the standard Director of Qingdao Haier Industrial Intelligence Research Institute Co., Ltd., this "80" young doctor has been in deep integration into this "new battlefield". Recently, Qingdao West Coast New Area took the lead in carrying out the "Industrial Internet Engineering Technology" title review, 951 people were awarded the first batch of industrial Internet engineering technologies in China, and Ren Tao Lin was one of them. "When I started to do industrial Internet work, there were already a lot of counterparts, and now I feel that the team is getting more and more growing, everyone is looking forward to getting professional recognition.

"Ren Tao Lin said.

Ren Tao Lin is responsible for the related work of intellectual property rights in Haier Industrial Internet, and the application, processes and research of Haier ISO large-scale custom standards. "The majority of the high-ranking is very affirmation," is very encouraged. "Ren Tao Lin said.

In recent years, Shandong Province "four new" economy is booming, emerging industrial talents have gradually become an important force for professional and technical talents, and the demand for professional titles increased year by year. "Based on the strategic orientation of high quality development," the Top Ten ‘Industrial Development needs, Shandong Province took the lead in the promotion of the "four new’ economic sector" reform.

"Zhou Chunyan, deputy director of the Provincial Human Resources Social Security Department, the specific practice is to rely" four new "economic talents agglomeration high-level development zones, focus on specialty leading industries, Shandong Province set industrial Internet, new functional materials, Ships and marine engineering equipment technology, Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, carbon fiber composites, etc. The senior title review was held in Yantai Development Zone. In the end, 3 people were evaluated high, and 23 were high.

When the senior engineer of the R & D center of the China Collection Office, he did not publish a papers, but due to the long-term root line, the work practicing experience is rich, and participated in the national major project, the professional deputy senior title. Time Lei said: "Comment on this professional taste is more featful title, let himself find ‘new coordinates’ in the career development." Director of the Research Office of China Personnel Science Research Institute, Sun Rui said, new industries, new Industry, new occupations, Shandong classification innovation set new professional title, use "new ruler" "four new" economic talents, effectively crack the "swimming champion" with "long running health" same competition problem, to create professional and technical personnel Fine "new track".

At present, the province has bisted 1240 "four new" economy new professional title. It is worth noting that these new professional titles, although it is carried out in the development zone, but breaks the regional, household registration, and the special technological talents in the province can participate, the results are also universal.

In addition, in order to release the "new utility", Shandong Province, Shandong Province, strongly supports senior talents with senior titles in emerging industries, and declares all kinds of high-level talent projects such as industry leaders. (Zhang Wenting) (Editor: Nie Jun, Liu Yingxi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

See the sauce plate, Shanghai you want to bring the King Kong Guifei series of Nuggets Changsha

See the sauce plate, Shanghai you want to bring the King Kong Guifei series of Nuggets Changsha

Jun Dao Guiyi series products are unveiled in Changsha.

Xiao Yiwei is a map of Changsha, June 22nd The accumulated sign sales is as high as 50 million.

"2020-2021 China Sauce Wine Industry Development Report" shows that 2020 national saucee liquors have a 26% sales revenue of 8% of the industrial production capacity, and its 63 billion yuan of profits account for 40% of the peak industry profits.

Cloud Cinema China Wine Business Brand Research Institute, Zhang Zhuopeng, chairman of the Zhuo Peng Strategic Consulting Agency, shared the nine major characteristics of China’s sauce and the new retail model of sauce wine. Tian Zhuopeng said that the sauce is a friend of time, and it is necessary to adhere to long-termism. "Sauce wine depth nationalization, just started.

"The second half of the sauce is the big single product competition, the brand competition era, the super product achievement super brand, super mode achieved super brand. According to the Shanghai Guiji Production Center, the Shanghai Guiji Production Center is located in Maotai Town, Sauce Core Production Area, 430 acres. High-quality sauce-shaped liquor production base, marketing headquarters is located in Shanghai Pudong Lujiazui.

At the 2019 Belgium Brussel International Folk Grand Prix, the "Jundui" series of products won the big gold award, and Shanghai isometrics became the only liquor listed company that built three major awards. Li Hai Li, president of Jundao Guifei, introduced the company’s development history and status quo, and interpreted the company’s marketing strategy from product, operation and dissemination.

Since 2016, Shanghai’s precious alcoholic liquor is stable in 1550 tons to 1,600 tons, and the first half of the sauce is pulled. In the future, the production scale will strive to achieve more than 10,000 tons, achieving 20,000 tons of wine alcohol. (怡伟) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Yingbing).

Shi Zhongquan talks about the Korean anti-war agreement to negotiate: can speak and

Shi Zhongquan talks about the Korean anti-war agreement to negotiate: can speak and

Strong Strong Forum: Before the Chinese People’s Volunteers in October 1950, the "United Nations Army" headed by the United States is inexpected, and it is not possible.

After making a few months later, I hope to contact China to seek "decent warning". What is the US battlefield situation? Shi Zhongquan: White said, is that the United States can’t fight on the battlefield, it is difficult to say. First, the "United Nations" headed by the United States has paid heavy costs and did not meet the purpose.

The US authorities launched an invading war for one year, and has paid more than 1 million casualties. The military equipment to North Korea reached 15 million tons, and directly sold more than 10 billion US dollars. Its manpower, material resources, and financial consumption are very huge, this is the US authorities did not expect in the invasion of North Korea.

Second, long-term war consumption is contrary to the main strategic objectives of the United States and its allies. After the Second World War, the US global strategy focused on Europe, the ultimate goal of the so-called "cold war" was to deal with the powerful Soviet Union. However, less than a year, the United States has used one-third of the total military force of the Army, one-fifth of the Air Force’s total force, one of the navigational strengths, as well as the European allies of the European countries. Third, the lack of soldiers who continue to have a large-scale war.

By June 1951, the "UN Army" has increased to nearly 700,000 people, of which the US military reached 10,000 people, and then hit it, and the troops are difficult. Its strategic preparatory team has only 6 men in China and two teachers in Japan, can only be used to maintain national security and global strategic stability.

Not only the US domestic has no soldiers, not only other participants outside Korea, not willing to send troops to make a gray. Sports Forum: What kind of way is the United States to seek a stop negotiation? Shi Zhongquan: In mid-May 1951, the US authorities immediately settled in contact with Chinese, and seeking to achieve "decent stop" through negotiations. After a while, on May 31, the Secretary of State assigned by the US government was visited by the Soviet Union in the United Nations Representative Ma Lick in the name of the private person.

According to US Secretary of State, Icon, revealing the intention of the United States in the United States on the three-eighth line of the United States, "The United States is prepared in the United Nations or in any of the committee, or in any other way to meet the Chinese Communist Party, discuss the end of the Korean War question".

After the Soviet government, the Soviet government informed this information, after China, North Korea, the Soviet 3rd Government, June 23, Maurk’s proposal to resolve North Korea issues in the United Nations on June 23: "The war should negotiate the ceasefire and troops, both parties With the evacuation of the three eight lines. "On June 30th, the headquarters of the" United Nations ", Li Qi, was ordered to make a statement about peace negotiations, and put forward the recommendations of the Korean People’s Army and the Chinese People’s Volunteers. On July 1st, Jin Yucheng, Peng Dehuai jointly reputation Li Qiwei, agreed to hold a stop negotiation. Since then, the anti-US aid will be transferred to the stop and stop, and they are talking about the side, and they also talk about it.

This is the new stage with a strong military struggle with a strong military struggle with a strong military struggle. Strong Strong Forum: The United States said that it is necessary to stop negotiations, and claim to continue to fight and punish the Chinese People’s Volunteers and the Korean People’s Army. In this regard, how do China considered and responded? Shi Zhongquan: Ancient and modern Chinese and foreign historical experience shows that the enemy can’t get things on the battlefield, always want to get through negotiations.

In this way, the negotiation will have a twist, often talk about the stop, play talk.

The progress of the anti-US aid chartering war transfer to the warning negotiations, Mao Zedong has anticipated, and proposes the policy of response. "The most basic principles in peace talks is to withdraw from all foreign military in North Korea; followed by the three eight lines, recovering the state before June 25, 1950"; "We insist on all foreign military to withdraw North Korea is The three-eight lines are bounded; strive to end the war early, in the DPRK, the people in the two countries are beneficial. "The negotiation strategy made by Comrade Mao Zedong is in a favorable position. The armistice negotiations as a face-to-face political struggle is a "mouthwater" relative to tat, which is necessary to dare to challenge the bottom line of the opponent, and be good at compromising. Talking about, sign the agreement; talk, and then meet.

The political struggle is based on the military struggle. Only the military struggle will win, and the political struggle can stand in an invincible.

Strong Strong Forum: After the official start of the warning negotiation, what major phases have been experienced in the middle? What is the most arduous contest? Shi Zhongquan: On 10 July 1951, this unprecedented political struggle officially kicked off, and the negotiation location was in the city near the three eight lines. The negotiations between the two parties have experienced the game and the military division of the military boundary line, and the tongue war of ceasefire and neutrality supervision in North Korea, revealing the difficult negotiations of the US bacterial war and the military repatriation, guiding the Battle of Ganling And the contest of the anti-landing combat struggle.

On the agenda issue, the Chief Representative of Chaozhong put forward three principles recommended in accordance with the spirit of the Agreement of North Korea, and the two parties will ordered to stop all hostile military actions; the second is to determine the three eight lines for military dividing lines, both sides At the same time, the armed troops took 10 kilometers from the line. As a non-military zone; the third is to retreat all foreign military from North Korea as a short time as possible to ensure the peaceful resolution of the armistice and North Korea. For the last one, the Chief Representative of the "United Nations" will be objected to the (US Far East Naval Command).

In this way, the first day’s talks will be cashed.

On July 25, 1951, the DPRK agreed to resolve another meeting of the dismantling of the army to stay against the war, but in the agenda, "the issues related to the government recommendations to both sides" will be included. This recommendation laid the basis for determining the negotiation agenda.

The substantive negotiations of both parties are arduous and arduous.

This negotiation has reached an agreement from July 27, 1951, and has experienced three phases.

For the three-eight lines, the other party has put forward the requirements of the military boundary line in the actual control area of ??the Central Disease army far away from the two sides, attempting to win the land of 10,000 square kilometers, negotiations. From August 18, 1951, the game between the two sides in the negotiating table was transformed into the fight on the battlefield, and the Sino-DPRC smashed the summer offensive of the enemy and the autumn offensive.

On October 25, 1951, the Director of North Korea was restored in the shop shop, and several twists and turns finally reached the issue of military boundary line issues.

On November 23, 1952, the representatives of both parties on the second agenda as the basic conditions of the North Korean stop hostile behavior, and determined the two military boundary lines to establish non-military regions, formally reached an agreement. On November 27, the agreement passed the meeting of the two delegations, and finally got the first agreement on substantive issues.

On the morning of July 27, 1953, the Chief Representative of Chaozhong delegation and the Chief Representative of the "United Nations" delegation, Harry, officially signed the "Agreement on North Korea Military Anti-Wars" in the board store. In the afternoon, the "United Nations" general commander officially signed on the warned agreement and temporary supplementary agreement in Wen Mountain. In the evening, the highest commander of the Korean People’s Army was officially signed in Pyongyang on the stop agreement and temporary supplementary agreement. At 9:30 am on the 28th, the Chinese People’s Volunteers commander Peng Dehui officially signed in the warning agreement and temporary supplementary agreement, but also the great victory of the United States and aid, not only the victory on the battlefield, but also the victory on the negotiation table.

Peace is precious, because it is not easy, it can’t rely on the committee, it is more impossible to rely on others. It is also very fragile and needs enough power to guard, which is also the importance of our commemoration of the Anti-US Aid Disease – Can the War Cube can speak. This is an important record of the history of the world’s history in the middle of the 20th century. It is the curtain call of the anti-US aid to the epic epic drama. (Editor: Wang First, Ma Chang) Sharing let more people see.

The two generations of people took Tibet sixty years, this affectionate condensed on the sky

The two generations of people took Tibet sixty years, this affectionate condensed on the sky

In 1959, Cui Peiwen graduated from the Former People’s Third Military Medical University and was assigned to the affiliated hospital.

This all the way from Meng Liangzhen, Huaihai Battle, Fujiang Battle Blood Skate, climbed the hero doctor in the Korean battlefield, with a good working condition and a stable living environment, ready to study here Prepare.

In this year, the organization decided to transfer the usual performance of Cui Peiwen to the medical team and participated in the preparation of Tibet Military Region General Hospital. Cui Peiwen played a backpack and resolutely prepared to step on the journey. I learned that her husband’s news is about to enter the work, wife Muran Ying five flavors: "Let him go alone, I have to live in two locations in the future; if he works, no matter what to do? After entering, what difficult is to face? "Finally, love is overcome everything.

After learning the insufficient news of the medical team, Muran Ying, who is a nurse reported the name, and went to the plateau with her husband.

Before entering Tibet, Cui Peiwen and Muran Ying have already prepared, but the reality is much more difficult than they imagine.

From the plains to the average of 4,000 meters above sea level, the body is not suitable, they still have to overcome the lack of materials. When eating, the couple often pushed each other because of a dish. In 1962, Muranism was pregnant.

According to the regulations at the time, when Muran Ying was pregnant for 6 months, she could return to my sister home in Shenyang.

When the child was born, Cui Peiwen was conducting research and clinical research on the prevention and control of plateau infectious diseases. After the work, he overtilled the child in his mind over and over again.

The son is called Cui Yanyuan, the name is Cui Peiwen. When he received a child born, his mind suddenly said that Chairman Mao said, "The fire of the stars, you can poke the original". After Muran British, the body gradually recovered under the care of my sister. After the monster, she fostered her son in my sister, and returned to Tibet alone.

In the weekdays, Cui Peiwen and Murano’s most happy thing is to receive the letter from the sister from Shenyang.

In the letter, my sister will write a little bit to them in detail: the child turned over, it will climb, the teeth are long, can walk … I want the child, I will take these letters. . In the past year, Cui Peiwen and Muran Ying usually only take a vacation to look back in Shenyang.

But because of the chances of getting along, the son looks very unfamiliar, which makes them very uncomfortable. In 1965, Daughter Cui Dongsheng was born. Cui Peiwen and Muran Ying received the 3-year-old son to Tibet, and his daughter lived like a brother.

Just arrived in Tibet, the body of Cui Yanyuan is very uncomfortable.

When I completely adapted to the environment of the plateau, he turned into a "small horse", let Cui Peiwen and Murano have exercised a lot.

Once, after Cui Peiwen got off work, I couldn’t find my son. I was in a hurry to listen, and finally I found him in a nearby Tibetan.

The house opened, and he couldn’t help but laugh again. The son is sitting inside, studying Tibetan words in a word, holding a melted melted melted. It took more than 10 years in the plateau, and Cui Yiyuan used this as a home. At the age of 18, Cui Yi was entered into the army, and the troops in service were just in the plateau. In 1989, Cui Peiwen and Muran Ying were retired after retiring. A few years, when Cui Yun was originally transferred, this can choose to return to his parents, but he still chooses to transfer to the Lhasa Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Today, Cui Yanyuan works in Tibet, Cui Peiwen and Muran Ying live together in Shenyang and daughter.

Two generations, love Tibet sixty.

This affection, condense on the sky, integrated into the blood, and waving. Picture production: Jia Guoliang.

Qingdao: 52 "Red Line" Standardization School Training Institution

Qingdao: 52 "Red Line" Standardization School Training Institution

  Foreign training institutions may not hire primary and secondary school teachers, schools must not charge over 3 months, and subject training institutions shall not be listed and financing, capitalized.

A few days ago, Qingdao Municipal Education Bureau issued the "negative list of Qingdao City Training Institution" and 52 negative matters to conduct a "red line" for training institutions. In order to implement the "Double Reduction" policy, fully promote the management of proofing training institutions, recently, Qingdao Municipal Education Bureau issued the "Negative List of Qingdao University Training Institution".

"List" has been divided into schools, faculty management, financial management, finance and retirement fees management, education teaching and enrollment management, and other five categories. Among them, it is involved in 17 negative matters, including unauthorized business licenses and school licenses, unauthorized training institutions; discrimination of sub-training institutions as a profit organization; discipline training institutions listed financing, capitalization operations; Mandari-Holding or Supreme Discipline training institution; low service level, maliciously recruiting sources, do not provide services in accordance with regulations, disrupt school education teaching and enrollment order.

  The faculty management involves seven negative matters, including hiring primary and secondary school teachers; teachers who employ non-teacher qualifications are involved in disciplines. Financial and retirement management involves seven negative matters, including disposable charges for more than 3 months; the project and standards of charges are not publicized to the public; they have not been signed with the training contract, if there is special agreement Not in the contract; the training course of the training object is not completed, and the refund is not strictly handled in strict accordance with the contractual agreement and relevant laws.

  Educational teaching and enrollment management involves 20 negative matters, including training content beyond the corresponding national curriculum standards, and training progress exceeds the progress of primary and secondary schools in the county; occupying national legal holidays, rest days and cold summer holidays on compulsory education stages Class training; online training institutions provide "photo search" and other learning methods.

Renqiu Village "Specialist Party Group" stimulates the "big energy" "big energy"

Renqiu Village "Specialist Party Group" stimulates the "big energy" "big energy"

  I think of the experience in the past few days. The 76-year-old Pan Baoheng, a 76-year-old Pan Baoheng, a history village, Shimen Bridge, Renqiu, is still awkward: If there is Ye Xia, they are not coming, I can’t come back.

The old man said excitedly.

  Pan Baoheng is a low-cost household in the village, because of poverty, the wife and the only son from him, the old man has lived alone.

With the arrival of 13 party members in Volborne, Pan Baoheng’s life is no longer lonely, and it is often a home, not a family.

Not long ago, Pan Baoheng was almost riding a tricycle alone, until it was still not coming back.

Fun Yingxia can’t sit, call another party member to find, by checking monitoring, along the street, and finally find the old man near Yongfeng Road in Renqiu, I know that I have been fascinated by the road. A few people are busy picking up Pan Baoheng back home, and prepares meals, and I have to go home after it is not an incompetence.

  In order to give full play to the party’s pioneer model, we combine the residential regional restrictions in the rural economic development, the people’s expectations, the town village center work, according to the party members ‘wishes, the people’ s hope, the town village center work, etc. The professional association, precision service type, policy preaching, dispute, and ranging from five party teams.

13 people such as Fu Yingxia are the precise service party team. Wang Zhanfeng, secretary of the Shi Village Party Branch. According to Wang Zhanfeng, according to the unified arrangement of the Village Party Branch, the division of responsibilities of the Village Party Group, the professional association party team mainly understand the technology and the ability of the business, regularly carrying out pest control training for the villagers, providing technical support; accurate The service party team is mainly composed of love, dedication, responsible for regular condolences to old party members, visits low-protection households, carry out help poverty activities; policy preaching party groups mainly consist of cultural people with high policies and high levels Responsible for the development of the topic of the superior policy, regularly organize party members to learn related documents; disputes are consistent with the high prestige of the village, the influence of great influence, responsible for investigating the disputes in the village, and doing small things do not leave villages, contradiction Not paying; the entrepreneurial bandwifted party team is composed of ideas, understanding operations, can get rich leaders, mainly responsible for organizing villagers to get rich experience, providing employment positions for the masses. In order to regulate the party team operation, the Village Party Branch has introduced a series of policies, including one group of party group meetings, combined with functional responsibilities, focusing on superior policies, carrying out experience, and arranges work tasks. Each group is covered with more than 100 households, and the group party members provide services to the masses in accordance with their respective functions. On the 28th of each month, the team leader should carry out the situation to the village party branch and all party members, and establish a party team working logging and party membership account, and regularly check the Village Party branch. Through scientific settlements, the leader of the Commodity is greatly stimulated by the big energy of the party members. Up to now, each party team has carried out more than 300 times for the people, and the people who have held the steady and happiness of the people of Shi Village. (Source: Zhangzhou Daily reporter Sun Xiaolong correspondent Zhao Shuai Cui Mei Snow).

Qiqihar Meris District: Ambulance plus "ban" to let wild animals "hung"

Qiqihar Meris District: Ambulance plus "ban" to let wild animals "hung"

On the evening of June 27, the Merris District Forest Herry is responsible for the staff of wild animals to the town of Yalse, and the local police found a flutter, similar to black swan, and did not find obvious scars. And around the world, this is only one, suspected to fall, followed by rescue.

The next day, the staff of the district forest grass will be sent to the black swan to Qiqihar City Wildlife Help Breeding Center. After professionally identified, this is a good healthy black swan, and has a proof of reception, and it is said that after watching a few days of black swan, put back into nature. Merris District Forest, Grassland, Wetland Resources, Good Ecological Environment Creating a vast space for wildlife’s survival.

In order to let wild animals "hung", while active ambulances that need help, the behavior of harming wild animals is never palliative.

Meris districts have banned hunting wild animals throughout the year, obstructing wildlife’s lives and destroying wildlife habitats, as well as transportation, sales, and operate wild animals. Due to the rich bird resources, there is a happening of illegal hunting wildlife, especially birds. For the net poppet behavior, special rectification such as "net network action" is carried out. The Wildlife Management Station of the District Forestra Bureau coordinated the township and related units strictly implemented the forest land inspection system and established a special inspection team.

Last year, the total control of the forest land is more than 350,000 mu, and the accumulated inspections exceed 10,000 people, and more than ten kinds of birds were removed. The law enforcement actions in 2021 are also in progress.

In recent years, the Merris District has been further improved by continuously increased publicity to protect wildlife, so that the awareness of the masses protects wild animals has been further improved. The growing ecological environment also allows wild animals to have more safe habitats. Since 2021, it has received 14 rescue phones, including more than 10 wild animals such as Danmed crane, black swan, heron, owl, crow. (Editor: Zhao Yi, Wang Yan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Rui, refer to the children’s program insults, after being exposed, the reaction of the Australian Broadcasting Company is …

Rui, refer to the children’s program insults, after being exposed, the reaction of the Australian Broadcasting Company is …

Reference Message Network November 24 Report Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has recently been named "bad history" children’s program, there has been a fragment filled with racial discrimination in Chinese people.

"Bad History" is a series of dramas, tells historical characters with a hint and a humorous style. This program has the second episode of the sixth season of the show in 2015, this episode is to tell the life of the British King Alfred Emperor, which is not related to China, but in this episode 11 minutes to the 13th minute but forced to talk to China. The show said that Alfred defeated Viking, but there was no baked cake to eat. In the same time, the Chinese Tang Dynasty, people worshiped to the female Huangwu, how to describe it? It’s hard to confuse.

Then, the British actress of the Chinese-English mixed-blooded British actress, the Tang Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty, appeared, and the two hosts took out the ingredients including cockroaches, bamboo rats, sea bream, and yellow bee, and the Wusi Tian show. Out of the big fast, enjoy the appearance, the two hosts on the side have to vomit, I am sigh: How can I eat this disgusting thing? And Wu Zetian said to them: To know, in the Tang Dynasty, these foods are still unusual. Many Australian Chinese are anger by this program. They think that this show deliberately ugly Chinese, watching such a TV show to children, we will not only teach children to discriminate against Chinese companions, but they also worry that the Chinese child is laughing and bullying.

They are still worried that in the context of new crown pneumonia epidemic, this will contribute to Australian racist insults and even attack Chinese.

After the show broadcast, the Australian Chinese group has protested to the Australian Broadcasting Company, requiring a program to apologize, and publish a statement. It is worth mentioning that "bad history" is not Australia’s creation, the drama produced and broadcasts in 2009 by the BBC Broadcasting Corporation Children’s Taiwan (CBBC), the top 5 quarter. Telling European history.

The show began to get involved in Asian countries from the sixth quarter, and the style is beginning to run, and sometimes has a racial prejudice. In fact, "bad history" has also had a problem with racial discrimination in 2014. At the year, a program will depict the 19th century female nurse Nortteenger as a racist, causing the British audience to protest, and BBC apologizes and deletes it. This part of this part.

On the tweet, there was a netizen from Sydney in discussing this insulting fragment in "bad history". His comment is very representative: Now the white face is not accepting, but Westerners play the yellow face still Visually, and also equipped with Chinese guys? For children’s programs, this is a racial insult.

This netizen said that this kind of unreasonable phenomenon that can discriminate against the Chinese is not only in Australia, but also exists in Western society in Europe and the United States.

For example, in September 2018, a Swedish TV broadcast, a Swedish woman who came to avoid cultural conflicts, including some suggestions for Chinese tourists to Sweden, including we are not in historical buildings, When you eat, we are not so stoolful, the program host Rondal has published a vicious insult to attack China and the Chinese. After the show broadcast, the Chinese netizen and the Swedish Chinese have been strongly indignant, and the person in charge of the program originally refused to apologize, just a little bit of precocious, this is not a racial discrimination, and the Chinese do not understand humor. Under the huge pressure of the Chinese Embassy in Sweden, under April 2019, the host Rondal announced resignation. Such a catalog or insulting, in fact, it is not the so-called jokes they argue, essence is naked racial discrimination, and the root of this discrimination is that the Westerners have a deep-rooted prejug-edge prejugwork for China and Chinese. These ethnic discrimination, the worsse, the bones, although the body entered the 21st century, the head stayed in the 20th century or even in the 19th century, self-consciousness of the development of the Western society, the high people, etc. In addition, there is no knowledge of the development of China’s recent years, but it always thinks that China is poverty, the country is low, and the Chinese is low. It is said that this is the mentality of a frog in a well, just like the ostrich of the brain into the sand, I don’t want to see China’s progress. Some Westerners like to engage in racial discrimination against Chinese or Chinese, and one reason is that before in Western countries, Chinese is generally regarded as low-key, and political participation is not high. Therefore, Western society usually opens off the race discrimination against Chinese, and refuses to apologize for racial discrimination against Chinese, and cultural differences. This reflects another one of their mentality, that is, the Chinese can provoke the ethnic groups, provoke Chinese, no serious consequences.

However, in recent years, this phenomenon for Chinese or Chinese engage in racial discrimination has encountered more and more boycots. The most fundamental reason is of course as China’s continuous development and growing, the social confidence and pride of the Chinese people have significantly enhanced, for all kinds of words and deeds of all kinds of words and deeds to exploit the sound; overseas Chinese overseas Chinese political participation consciousness, the awareness of rights protection is also continuously improved, Dare to maintain our rights; in addition, foreign people’s understanding of China is also deepening, and more about China. Despite this, we must see that there is still a part of the people at the West, still discrimination against the Chinese, and even refuse to repent.

Australian Broadcasting Company has not apologized after Australian Chinese protest, but said that the local media has received complaints, the company will consider these complaints as always, and the BBC said that this is best by Australia Broadcasting Corporation. To respond, the attitude of these two media is not worthy. This matter is actually testing whether they engage in racial discrimination against Chinese, and whether they have done their own trial stones on the issue of racial discrimination, and test their real mentality.

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