The Northern Dynasty Power Team released the 2021 new car "Hao Yue No. 13"

The Northern Dynasty Power Team released the 2021 new car "Hao Yue No. 13"

Hao Yue No.13 car total length 3025 mm, width 1400 mm, 1194 mm high, with a shaft distance of 1541 mm, and the fire is 240 kg.The power system uses a 600 cubic centimeter straight four-cylinder engine and a restricted differential, the engine maximum speed can reach 14,000, and the line acceleration time of 100 kilometers is less than 6 seconds.

The whole car uses carbon fiber cover, the front wing tail is high-impeded, and more than 300 cow pressure can be produced at a speed of 70 km per hour.

The front and rear suspensions are both double arms, and the lateral acceleration of the double gravity acceleration can be produced at the time of overtime.Compared to the previous one-generation car uses a new vehicle water cooling system and a thoroughly reinpricted aerodynamic kit, the rings of the suspension of the reed design makes performance more violent.The full-wrapping seat is made from carbon fibers, and the six-point seat belt can effectively ensure the safety of the driver.

The Fifth-year Star Four Land Parent-child Culture Forum was held in Taipei

The Fifth-year Star Four Land Parent-child Culture Forum was held in Taipei

People’s Daily Online Taipei December 7th (Reporter Wu Yaming, Ren Chengqi) The Fifth Side of the Four Platei Parent-child Culture Forum held in Taipei on the afternoon of Taipei, the theme of "the parental view under global education – the limited liability and unlimited responsibility of parent-child culture ".

This forum is jointly hosted by China’s concern for next-generation work committees, small tomatoes and Babyboss. When the famous writer in Taiwan, Liu Wei said in the presentation that life is constantly gathering and separating, and the child must gradually go out, the idea of ??parents will change.

He pointed out that in today’s Chinese society, children tend to gather in love, parents should think about how to educate their children, help it when they need it, and give them space when they need it, let them independence; at the same time, official and privately Strive, gradually improve the pension system, reduce the pressure to young people, create a harmonious society. Chen Huixiang, a well-known writer in the mainland, said that parent-child education in the Internet environment needs to face face, and it is also confusing.

He believes that parents can look up to become a dragon, but don’t "force Jackie", should handle the relationship between children and the Internet, give the child to the Internet time, communicate with children, guide it online, healthy game.

Mai Zi, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the School of Education, Macau University, Xu Chi Dong, a professor of the Chinese Department of Hong Kong, also delivered a speech. The four speakers have also conducted PK-style communication and interacted with the audience under the audience. Taiwan’s "Variety King" Xu Nailin also shared his breeding experience.

Liu Wei’s son, Taiwan Xinrui Fashion representative Liu Xuan as a forum host. This is Liu Yuxi and sons and sons in 1993, after participating in charity fundraising activities, it was the same as Taiwan. When two people were interviewed by reporters, they all recalled a conflict between my father and son, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Today’s forums lasts for nearly 4 hours, most of the audience is from mothers from the family, including several "Beinmei 2013 Champion Baby Competition". The four-strait four-strait parent-child culture forum has been held in Beijing, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, is a high-end dialogue platform in the field of parent-child cultures.

The Hebei Provincial Party Committee "Take the Grassroots" propaganda group will learn to implement the spirit of the spirit of the Plenary Session into the Office of Offendustry

The Hebei Provincial Party Committee "Take the Grassroots" propaganda group will learn to implement the spirit of the spirit of the Plenary Session into the Office of Offendustry

  It is necessary to use history as a training, increase wisdom, improve unity, increase confidence, enhance the fighting spirit, and learn to implement the spirit of the plenary meeting to truly translate into the actual action of officer entrepreneurship. On December 13th, the provincial party committee took a group member of the grassroots preliminary group, and Chai Yong, Vice President of the Marxist College of Yanshan University, took the spirit of the 18th National Plenary Session of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, and Hengshui Municipal Party Committee. The relevant comrades of the History Learning Education Leading Group Office exchanges, and answers one by one for everyone. In the report meeting, Chai Yong took the question of "the future" of the history, from the historical dimension, theoretical depth, reality, through theoretical interpretation, analysis comparison, case evidence, etc., the party’s 19th China Plenary Session Summarize the important achievements of the party’s hundred years of struggle, historical experience.

The daily mission of the party’s 100-year struggle, major achievements and socialism have entered the new era of new era, historical changes, let everyone profoundly lead the historical significance, historical experience and history of the party, and create an important future Require. How to understand how to learn the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics is the new leap in Marxism China? Please talk about it talks about the change in the past 100 years, how to understand the history of our party’s hard work is our party’s hard work? & hellip; & hellip; After the presentation, in the face of the students, Chai Yong patiently answers them.

  Face-to-face communication allows students to be inspired.

The Chinese Department of Hengshui College said: As a young college student, we must conscientiously study the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, firm confidence and strength, and cherish the strength, and create actual action. Please rest assured that the strong state has my youth oath.

(Reporter Jiao Lei).

Surveying the initial mission

Surveying the initial mission

Recently, the first time the "Glory in the 50th Year" commemorative chapter will be awarded the important part of the party’s 100-year celebration. "Hundreds of years old, the beginning of a hundred years", our party has developed from a small red boat into a huge turn of leading China’s wind and savvy, leading the Chinese nation to cross the "rapids", for the people to make happiness, ask for liberation, step on high Brilliant Avenue of Quality Development. In the original heart as the origin, the example is a radius, and the maximum "concentric circle" is drawn. I don’t forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, declared the unified ideal beliefs of the Communist Party members. A hopeless nation cannot have no hero, a promising country can’t have no pioneer. These national spirit and red genes are incentive to force our power. Walking to the example, focusing on the initial heart, the flash point on the example is the direction of our learning and advancement.

Watching the examples as the actual actions of the people as the people, studying them from the strict work style, dedicated to their duties, and make extraordinary contributions in ordinary work, and use struggles to interpret the origin mission of the party. Take the people, the ligation is the radius, and the people are satisfied with the people "answer".

At any position, we should take a corresponding responsibility, based on duties, and adhere to the people-oriented, earnestly think that the fundamental interests and warmth needs of the masses are in mind.

In the masses, I can understand what they think about thinking about it. I really want to use the heart, enthusiasm and sincerely win the support.

When you encounter difficulties, you know how difficult, dare to face the problem, only for the cadres of the people can build the foundation wall of the masses, and use the people to write the "answer" in the era.

It is a honest government as the criterion, self-discipline is the cornerstone, and the "clearehold fortress" is built with excellent style.

Party members and cadres must practice the Diamond, they have a clean and tone of the officials who should have the label, win the trust of the people. Whether a person can be honest and self-discipline, the biggest temptation is yourself, the hardest enemy is also yourself.

Party members and cadres are honest and self-discipline, this string can never be loose, go on the top, do the top leading, form the discipline, moral evidence, and people’s trust and expectations. "Centennial is already in the style of wind and rain, it is a hundred years of Fenghua Zhengmao; a hundred years of journey is magnificent, the first-year heart is a tenth day. We are witnesses who have developed a hundred years of development, but also the maintainer of the Chinese dream.

In the new journey, we must always maintain the heart of the people of the people, always insisting everything for the people, all rely on the people, unity leading the people to look forward to the better future! (Source: Jiading District Malu Town Yang Wei) (Editor: Mu Yili, Han Qing) Share let more people see.

Shi Tower County: Let "Party Flag Red" lead "urban management blue"

Shi Tower County: Let "Party Flag Red" lead "urban management blue"

On June 22, in Longma Park in Shilou County, the county county party history learning education preliminary Ma Jianmin Tongxian City Management Law Enforcement Brigade is sitting on the lawn, from firm ideal beliefs, always do not forget the party history Complete the calcium of the spirit, always don’t forget the party; practice the initial mission, and join the party three aspects.

Ma Jianmin used a simple language to explain the hardships of the party’s hardships to the new era for the people to make a happiness, a fresh party history story, let the audience present, the ideal light and struggle. "As a urban construction person in the new era, the study of the study of the party is to learn the intelligence and strength, we must use the party’s innovation theory to arm the mind, improve the ability to address the risk, resolve various difficulties, and face the difficulties in the work. And problems, more from subjective findings, less from objective reasons, change the ‘touch’ to ‘action’, create practical things in the creation of civilized counties, and expand new bureaus in the "five new" stone building construction " In the middle, Ma Jianmin encouraged everyone to draw strength, consenscing consensus from party history education, transforming learning results into the driving force of promoting the upgrade of posts, truly learning the party history, understanding ideas, do practical things, and opening a new bureau. "A generation of people have a generation of people, as a new era of urban management law enforcement players, we must keep in mind the initial mission, integrate urban management refined levels into party history education, and effectively solve the urban management hotspot, pain points of the people concerned. Difficult problem. "Zhang Xiaoping said.

(Editor: Zhang Tingting, Zhang Linshan).

Refer to the cover epidemic to promote "home dating"

Refer to the cover epidemic to promote "home dating"

On November 15th, we stepped through the house during the blocked last year and held a social distance from each other.

And when the blocked is released, it is afraid again.

Therefore, technology has become a spiritual medicine.

Today, a year and a half, the epidemic accelerated digital transformation.Of course, online dating has always existed, but the new crown epidemic and numerous applications have changed dating games.At the moment, it is a good time to see the Naifei website on your mobile phone, join the party, and even a video evening meal.This is the home dating.The "Today’s India" Weekly covered reports will review the new Conduct in this new interior.

As things go back to normal, what will the date of the date?.

The whole process of the radius of the radius is really enough.

The whole process of the radius of the radius is really enough.

> 2021-07-2209: 17: 08 Browse: In ancient, especially in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the court needs a lot of junior officials.

These euniques need to be purified before entering the palace, which is castrated. After purification, it is qualified to enter the palace to do eunuch.

So how is the eunuch purified? Xiaobian brought the diagram of the radification process, it is really painful, let us know. How to clean the eunuch in ancient times, ordinary people are cleaned. After cleaning, they can enter the palace. The method of purifying the body is generally two.

One is "doing it", it is to cut all the things that represent the male symbols, one is to cut the testicles and JJ. The purification of eunuchs is usually done by the people of the court court.

Later, there were special people in the palette to be responsible for purification. In short, whether it is a knife and a success rate, you must be done by a profession. Only guarantee. The whole process of the radification of the radification, the end of the Qing Dynasty, the capital has two "knives", specializing for the people "castration", which is the generation of generations, for the "Equity of Eunuch", is a professional who is approved by the court, each Before making purification, the named loop receives six silver sons. When cleaning the surgery, first use the white cloth or bandage to fix the upper belly and the upper leg of the origin, and then clean the operating site with the pepper water.

After all, the medical conditions were limited, so clean it with a pepper water. There is a hot feeling under the hood, or it can also reduce the pain during the operation. The scalpel of castration is a curved sharpener like a sickle. The blade is quite sharp.

When the future of the eunuch cleans, the knife will pinch the surgical penis and scrotum, and the other hand cuts off the penis and scrotum from the root. In an instant, the man’s lifeblood was cut, then the knife inserted a white wax pin into the man’s urethra, then used the rope to be well used in the wound. Then take carefully. However, people being castrated can’t stay in bed right away.

They must move around for two or three hours around the house to rest in bed.

After being cut by the knife, JJ has to take a few turns.

Is this the perseverance you choose to be the eunuch? In addition, it cannot be dropped within three days after the trend. Three days later, remove the tin bar on the wound. If there is urination, it will show that the potential (cleaning) is successful, or it will be a second surgery after a few months, it is a terrible! The JJ left after purification is called "treasure".

The Secretary will find a way to save it. Typically, after special treatment, they will be sealed in a small wooden box and packaged, and choose a lucky day.

Hanging in his own ancestral hall or home, the eunuch of the eunuch, meaning "tall", symbolizing the Eunuch’s ability to "get the higher" in the court.

After all, it was heavily sin, and it was flying in the palace. It is not a white fee in this life.

Shandong took the lead in carrying out the review of "four new" economy new professional title

Shandong took the lead in carrying out the review of "four new" economy new professional title

Original title: Shandong took the lead in carrying out "four new" economic new professional title review four years ago, Ren Tao Lin’s work position from "mechanical design" cross-border to "Industrial Internet". Today, as the standard Director of Qingdao Haier Industrial Intelligence Research Institute Co., Ltd., this "80" young doctor has been in deep integration into this "new battlefield". Recently, Qingdao West Coast New Area took the lead in carrying out the "Industrial Internet Engineering Technology" title review, 951 people were awarded the first batch of industrial Internet engineering technologies in China, and Ren Tao Lin was one of them. "When I started to do industrial Internet work, there were already a lot of counterparts, and now I feel that the team is getting more and more growing, everyone is looking forward to getting professional recognition.

"Ren Tao Lin said.

Ren Tao Lin is responsible for the related work of intellectual property rights in Haier Industrial Internet, and the application, processes and research of Haier ISO large-scale custom standards. "The majority of the high-ranking is very affirmation," is very encouraged. "Ren Tao Lin said.

In recent years, Shandong Province "four new" economy is booming, emerging industrial talents have gradually become an important force for professional and technical talents, and the demand for professional titles increased year by year. "Based on the strategic orientation of high quality development," the Top Ten ‘Industrial Development needs, Shandong Province took the lead in the promotion of the "four new’ economic sector" reform.

"Zhou Chunyan, deputy director of the Provincial Human Resources Social Security Department, the specific practice is to rely" four new "economic talents agglomeration high-level development zones, focus on specialty leading industries, Shandong Province set industrial Internet, new functional materials, Ships and marine engineering equipment technology, Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing, carbon fiber composites, etc. The senior title review was held in Yantai Development Zone. In the end, 3 people were evaluated high, and 23 were high.

When the senior engineer of the R & D center of the China Collection Office, he did not publish a papers, but due to the long-term root line, the work practicing experience is rich, and participated in the national major project, the professional deputy senior title. Time Lei said: "Comment on this professional taste is more featful title, let himself find ‘new coordinates’ in the career development." Director of the Research Office of China Personnel Science Research Institute, Sun Rui said, new industries, new Industry, new occupations, Shandong classification innovation set new professional title, use "new ruler" "four new" economic talents, effectively crack the "swimming champion" with "long running health" same competition problem, to create professional and technical personnel Fine "new track".

At present, the province has bisted 1240 "four new" economy new professional title. It is worth noting that these new professional titles, although it is carried out in the development zone, but breaks the regional, household registration, and the special technological talents in the province can participate, the results are also universal.

In addition, in order to release the "new utility", Shandong Province, Shandong Province, strongly supports senior talents with senior titles in emerging industries, and declares all kinds of high-level talent projects such as industry leaders. (Zhang Wenting) (Editor: Nie Jun, Liu Yingxi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The first generation of Chinese museums is unusual – "I want more people to feel the charm of culture."

The first generation of Chinese museums is unusual – "I want more people to feel the charm of culture."

  The characters were born in Beijing: born in Beijing, China National Museum, the first generation of explanations, lifelong research librarians, enjoy special allowances of the State Council; the director of the China History Museum, Director, Director of the China Museum Association, Beijing Museum Society Director of the Social Education Commission, with "Chinese Civilization", "Chinese Civilization", "Into the Museum Series – China History Museum", "National Treasure Story", etc., participated in the "Chinese Civilization History" "Chinese Cultural History Tu", He has edited the "Chinese Fruit Treasures", seventh grade "Chinese History" textbooks, etc.

  Get up every morning, take a break at 11:30 in the evening. The first generation of Chinese national museums in 180 years, a lifelong student is unsuved, so far, it is unsecaling … In the study, he is immersed in the creation of "one word one world".

Old companion: "When did you write?" He laughs: "The car is not pushing!" He began working in the Chinese History Museum (2003 Museum of China), has been in the past 62 years. At the end of the year, it was clearly flashing in his mind … "I met a lot of college supplies, their style deeply influenced me", Qi Jixiang is not very ill, "Go to school At the time of the New Year’s party, I also gave a chamber, and I often hosted the flagship ceremony. "Qi Jixiang said that this special lecture changed his life.

  Qiji -ou young family is poor, but learning is particularly eye-catching.

When you read in the eleventh middle school in Beijing, essay is his strength, mathematics, and physics is also very toned.

  At a day after lunch, the students were still happy to talk about their respective schools; after lunch, the class teacher suddenly inform Qijixiang and three classmates to visit a party history showcase. When Li Dazhao sacrificed the split holder, the pistol used when the Nanchang Uprising, Liu Hulan, as a way … Exhibition is a real thing, plus 说明, the students have rushed, did not leave a deep impression.

  "Give you a chance to talk about people, and give it to the national audience." "Visit back school, the principal smiled.

  "Try it!" In just a few seconds, 19-year-old Qijixiang made a decision that affects his life.

  It turned out that in order to build a Chinese History Museum and the Chinese Revolutionary Museum, 40 recent university graduates and 60 general high school graduates became the first generation of explanations. At that time, the Chinese History Museum was still not completed, and Qijixiang was office in the Forbidden City Yantong Building. One day, a stranger with a thick glasses pushed the door, held a strong Xiangxi mouth to say: "I am Shen Congwen, take you to see!" 4 new explanations were explained in the Forbidden City, patiently answered their various questions. At first, Qi Qiang did not know his identity, just feel that this is very wide, porcelain, silk fabric, painting and calligraphy and other knowledge.

Later, Qiji Xiang often ride to the Endoculation alley, and took his new work to Shen. He always stops working, and uses the brush to make a clutter, and a small hand worker.

  "I met a lot of college supplies, their style deeply influenced me.

"In an explanation, Qi Jixiang met the famous bridge expert Mao Yisheng, asked him to ask Zhaozhou Bridge’s knowledge; I didn’t expect that Mao took the address to tell him the address, and he went to home to take information.

In the next few years, Qi and auspicious more than 10 times, and the information is well preserved so far … "To be a good talk, you must respect the audience. ", Although the speaker is not a popular position, Qiji Xiang is very strong," more than 10,000 words of speech, the back is rugged. "Can carry back, seeing less and fewer viewers. Sometimes the audience asked if there is no problem on the speech, he can only shake his head: "Don’t know!" How can you attract people? More than 30 people in the Ministry of History Museums in China have come to Beijing department store, and they will take themselves to the whole country. "To recommend candy according to customer needs, such as sending old people’s candy can’t stick tooth, sweet candies are beautiful …" Zhang Binggui is quite experience. I heard here, Qi Jixiang suddenly realizes: I can’t explain thousands of articles, and I will have a personalized explanation for different viewers! The explanation is vivid, and the explanation is "adventive" belly. "He always takes time to learn", in the memory of Daughter Wang Wei, wake up in the middle of the night, often see Qijixiang reading book under the table lamp, writing articles; he is a frequent visitor of Wangfujing Xinhua Bookstore, with many clerk as a friend; Every one or two days, he went to the library, see useful knowledge and quickly copied; more than 40 minutes, you need to walk in the trouser pocket, while walking back … The month is tired, Qiji Xiang is in the family. A literary database: relying on a small drawer, a small card is neatly arranged, labeling the history of Han Tang, Ming and Qing Qing history; 10 bookcases, 3000 books, according to literature, history, biography, Children and other categories; a stack of clipping, classified according to the character story, small knowledge, seden, Beijing and other atrial; There are still many stories. One time, dozens of Shenyang came to spend the next day, but he had another reception mission on the day … "Can you let them run with a white run, after get off work, he rides from Fuchengmen’s home Reward to Xizhimen, a family in a hotel, spent more than an hour to find these teachers, changing time.

Teachers are unexpected and touched, and Qiji Xiang said: "I want more people to feel the charm of culture.

To be a good talk, you must first respect the audience.

"" Can explain the cultural relics to the audience, this is my biggest enjoyment "" Children, this bronze is great? " Three five children can’t hold it with hand, and several students add up to it! "Qi Jixiang is bent down, eyes, smile, talk, talk, surrounded by a group of children listened to God! Qiji Xiang is extraordinary to the little audience, this is from him more than 30 years. In a Tang Dynasty On the cultural relics exhibition, a little boy followed the father while watching.

At first, the child was so happy to ask this question, Dad can’t answer; turn around and look at the instructions, and only brief introduction. "Exhibition is not intentional", in a while, the father and son went to sweep. Affiliated to this scene, Qiji Xiang tried to use the child to accept the story behind the cultural relics. He started from a cup of tea, launched the porcelain, tea, etc., let the children feel the capital of Chinese civilization; more than 200,000 characters inside and outside Yongle big clock, no mistake, he told the children that this is not just a technique, more It is a symbol of spirit … "How to speak the audience to understand, I like to listen, remember to live?" Qi Jixiang continued to explore, forming a unique style of people, now has become the consensus of the museum. As in the industry’s reputation is getting higher and higher, Qiji Xiang has three time a chance of the curator.

"Can you not go?" He found the leader to show the wish, "can explain the cultural relics to the audience, this is my biggest enjoyment.

"Over the years, Qi Jixiang has almost gave a speaker of all provinces in the country.

Under his carefully guidance, Beijing Natural Museum’s explanator high successfully won the honor of the top ten explanations of Beijing, the national sciences explaining the first prize of the contest. Rejoices, Qiji Xiang hit him: "Be sure to stick to the position, continue to talk!" "Learn another excavation", this is the right in the 1970s, Qi Jixiang specially invited a calligraphy home to the living room. Take a pleasing, thereby reminding yourself to continue learning, constantly refining. Qiji Xiang is done! In the past three years, he wrote a book on "this history is too interesting".

A total of 8 volumes, from the ancients, clothes, clothes, etc. Post nearly 40 short video, vivid and interesting explanations have attracted nearly 10,000 fans, harvest nearly 50,000 points … ■ Reporter’s hand moved the truth, a meritorious, how to grow into a well-known literary expert? We were in Qishengxiang for more than 60 persistence, and we found the answer.

  It is him, always put on the first place, treats every audience sincerely, and use a high level of explanation to win the public’s love. It is him, asking for advice, diligent, constantly improving self, and has achieved a career while serving the audience. "There is no small post, only a small person", talk about the explanation of a lifetime, Qiji Xiang is flying, and the weigh is full of enthusiasm … It is true, and the workers can do their jobs, as long as they do their jobs, they can work in ordinary positions. The extraordinary achievements have been made to have a wonderful life.

Website Editor: White Mengjie.

Qinghai Tax: Learning to Promote the Constitution to promote the spirit of the constitution

Qinghai Tax: Learning to Promote the Constitution to promote the spirit of the constitution

On November 30th, the State Administration of Taxation Qinghai Provincial Taxation Bureau held the "Constitutional Propaganda Week" launching ceremony and constitutional knowledge lectures, special invitations of the professor of Qinghai University to teach in the province, strengthen constitutional learning, promote the spirit of the Constitution, and maintain the Constitution authority. Quserters attach great importance to the status and role of the Constitution, systematically grasp the spiritual and content of the Constitution, and firmly maintain the constitutional dignity and authority, and promote the full implementation of the Constitution and conduct profound interpretation and in-depth explanations.

The lecture is held in the form of a video "one rumor". The province’s tax authorities organize all cadres and workers to listen to the view and further enhance the constitutional concept of taxpades.

"In-depth study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, closely combined with the party history education and the implementation of the Eighth Five-five" law, and study the Chinese characteristic socialist legal system with the core of the Constitution, education to guide the province’s tax system continuously Confidence and Consciousness of Taking Chinese Characteristic Socialist Treatment Road.

"Party Committee of Qinghai Provincial Taxation, the total accountant is emphasized when he hosted the constitutional publicity week launching ceremony. Listening to the constitutional lectures at the main venue, after studying the constitutional knowledge, the provincial government’s tax personnel agree: The constitution is the fundamental of the country Dafa is the total charter of Governing Guanbang. Every citizen has obligations and responsibilities to promote the spirit of the Constitution. It is necessary to combine learning and work to actively promote the full implementation of the Constitution. More to learn to implement the party’s 19th China Sixth Plenary Session, Deepen Party history learning education, deep understanding of the major achievements and historical experience of the party’s hundred years, profoundly understanding the Constitution is the concentrated expression of the party and the people, and consciously shoulder the constitutional dignity in various work, and guarantee the responsibility of the Constitution.