US: US experts sell "double fleet model" to the US military (3)

5月 11, 2022 上海419论坛

US: US experts sell "double fleet model" to the US military (3)

During the peace, the US Navy needs large ships.

For Americans, unless a comprehensive war, small ship is purely a waste of assets, and it will be idle before the big-scale war is coming.

However, unmanned water surface ships may be able to complete the arduous tasks of the US extensive responsibility.

During the year or even decades without a large-scale war, the unmanned water surface ship capable of stopping the pier does not require too much maintenance cost.

In essence, Washington can build two fleets: a multi-task peaceful period for large ships; plus a large number of small and cheap, all-in-armed unpaired warfare fleet. The United States has a comparison of direct quantity with the Chinese fleet, it seems to be smaller. However, during the crisis period, the US Navy can catch up with or exceeds the Chinese Navy on the quantity of the ship, completely illustrate China’s approach: deploy a large number of small ships to perform a single outbreak task.

If that concept is familiar, this is because it is the purpose of the US Navy leaders to drive the fleet to try the various robotic ships.

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