Re-visiting the Central Red Army Length Collection and departing from the beginning of the footprint

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Re-visiting the Central Red Army Length Collection and departing from the beginning of the footprint

Editor’s press: I don’t forget the joy, I have to always. 85 years ago, the Central Red Army started from Jiangxi and began a world-famous long protester.

More than 20 days ago, the General Secretary Xi Jinping came to all, before the departure of the Central Red Army, call on the new journey of the whole party in the new journey of building a socialist modernization country, and then put forward. In the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, the "unforgettable, remembering the mission" theme education, this newspaper started the "Strive for 70 years of struggle for the new era" The footprints of the ancestors, excavate the touch of the people, and promote the greatness of the great long march. Through remembering the revolutionary martyrs, inheriting the red gene, let the revolutionary history into the reality, enlighten the future with the revolutionary spirit. Even the rain, Jiangxi is rising in the river, and the car is crossing the riverside and arrives on the other side. 85 years ago, more than 10,000 people faced the river, struggling to win the second, for a whole 3 days, crossing the river expedition. History span in 85 years, Tao Tao is in Duyu, a history, one with a history – October 18, 1934, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China led the main force of the Central Red Army, Nanyue in Duyu, stepping on the Long March road.

Where to go? How to get? Whether it is a warrior or an ordinary people, most people don’t know, but there is a belief: follow the party.

At the bank, the cold is hit, the people in the mountains, the mountains, for the pontoon, the masses took the door panel, the bed, and even the bouquet.

The fellows followed the Red Army, and the eggs, glutinous rice groups waited for the warrior pocket, and I didn’t want to leave for a long time.

Yang Shuzhi, the first group of the first group of the Red Army, later recalled: "The cold is very heavy, let’s look back in the opposite side of the lantern, the fire will be sent to the Red Army, and we can not help but feel the feeling of heating.

According to historical records, the Central Red Army Changjun has conducted more than 380 battles, and more than 430 cadres were sacrificed. The average age was less than 30 years old. Climb the snow mountain through the grass, over 18 large mountains, cross 24 rivers … The initial heart and faith, inspire this team with an unfair, overcome all difficulties? For more than one hour, more than a small party, the Hanxin Village, Xiao Dongyang, took out a light red martyrs book. One page turned over, the smallest thing is 14 years old, and there is no news after 1934.

Hanxin Village participated in the long march, and only one person came back.

There are still many such stories. All the way interviewed, all the way, sometimes I have to stop, and wipe the tears of the sun. On the eve of the departure, the people of all the people, the wife sent the wang, only more than 20,000 people in the military; in all the people saved their own ration, only from 1934 to the Red Army to raise 79390 bursts … .

Causeway Bay, the Red One Legion, the departure, and the place where the Red Yeng Legion army is located, and the segment is a story of the grassland to the grassland.

The village Duan Chunhua tells us the story of the Grand Paragraph Nine long: "Mobilization will be opened, grandfather will be the Red Army." Because he is high, the 39-year-old section of the year carried the reporter followed by Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, etc. The leaders of the Central Committee, nearly 10 soldiers who protect the newspapers were sacrificed, and finally only one of him and another comrades, I took the initiative to Yan’an. After the liberation, the section of the section returned to the countryside, once in Beijing, visited Chairman Mao, Chairman left him. When I left, I will take the money to take back to my hometown. After that, Chairman Mao listened to the nine long and still lived in the hut, and sent 300 yuan. Section 9 long, there are several short rooms, but will send 120 yuan of the province to Beijing. "Grandpa is often hanging in the mouth is: You don’t want to add trouble to the government, the country is still not affluent!" Duan Chunhua introduced that village cadres came to condolences, the elderly always said that there is no requirement, but he is especially enthusiastic. .

Although the toe is frozen in the snow, you will always give you a story of the story as long as the village and the surrounding school need.

When the 86-year-old age, the section of the section also took a young person, which is a variety of villages in the village and around several villages.

"Seeing the power, the grandfather smiled and got closed." Duan Chunhua said.

Nowadays, Hanxin Village, more than 700 square meters of tourists are willing to be completed, and the two-story small building of the villagers will start.

"The party and the government did not forget the people of our old district. In the past two years, in the past two years, the per capita annual income conservative said that they have a million yuan." The village branch Xiao Fuchun said proud. The positive college entrance examination is over, Xiao Fuchun tells us that after each year, the village must put the student feast in the ancestral hall, the first sentence is to tell you: "Do not forget the party, don’t forget the ancestors, take a new life road!" "People’s Daily" (June 12, 2019 01).

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