The courier earns more than four or five hundred "delivery" every month.

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The courier earns more than four or five hundred "delivery" every month.

  Recently, "Express delivery fees" became a hot spot, Zhongtong, Yuantong, Shentong, Baidi, Yunda, etc., etc., etc., regulations, from September 1st, all network distribution Yuan / ticket.

  After the feppension is improved, "Express Brother" increase how much income every month? Does consumers want to "buy" for this? What is the impact on the price war of major express delivery companies? In response to these issues concerned, the reporter conducted an investigation. Delivery to transfer the paid / ticket courier than the monthly increase of 500 yuan yesterday, Jiangbei District Yunda Express Small Brother Chen Ning Mountain told reporters that he can send a video of 4000-4500 tickets per month. " fluctuation.

Wang Zhifen, the relevant person in charge of Shunfeng Express Chongqing Branch, told reporters that SF’s express delivery is generally about 4,000 tickets every month, and some express delivery can make more.

  Subsequently, the reporter learned from Zhongtong and Yunda and other express delivery companies that these company’s express brothers, the average monthly delivery volume is maintained in the range of 4000-5000 votes.

  What does the palette will mean for the courier? Putting the paid on the paid, complete 4000-5000 votes, express brothers can increase the income of 400-500 yuan per month.

  It is worth mentioning that the delivery fee will be issued directly from the delivery company to each courier, not by the franchise network. Zhongtong, also reported that the joining outlets must not be trapped casually. Express delivery fee rising consumers do not need to "buy" for consumers, express delivery fee, does it mean to pay more in the future? "The delivery of the delivery is not related to the express price, but the labor cost of the express delivery company has increased." The relevant person in charge of some express delivery companies told reporters. The relevant person in charge of Yuantong Express said that "the head office raised the payment of the delivery," now many couriers have left because the delivery is too low, the new courier is very difficult, the company wants to solve this problem by adding disposal Consumers will not be affected. "The reporter learned that, in fact, the fees refer to the courier sent a courier income. In the express delivery industry said that the upward dispute belongs to the internal adjustment ratio assignment of the courier company, and there is no impact on the sending and recipient. The delivery fee will not cause a new round of price war company rising dispute and courier group rights guarantee policy.

  On July 10 this year, 7 departments such as the Ministry of Transport and the State Post Bureau were issued and issued with the "Opinions on Doing the Legal Right and Interests of Courier Group".

It will be proposed, and the "Express Terminal Payment Guidelines" will be developed, and the company has urged the company to maintain a reasonable end dispatch level to stabilize the courier’s income level.

  It is worth mentioning that the income guarantee for employees, SF will announce salary to the courier in July.

From August 1, this year, from December 31, SF will carry out income activities for the collection, that is, on the basis of the unchanging of the existing party, add more than 200 million yuan to enhance employees. income. On July 9, Zhongtong Express announced the funding of "express Xiaogong Chuan Chuan Fund", providing funds for express delivery, and their families, which caused the difficulties, and their families in the causes of diseases, accidental injuries. Zhao Xiaomin, expert expert, said, "With the order of the market order, the legal rights of the courier and the relevant policies of the express delivery industry and the green environmental protection and other related policies, the single price war model of the express delivery company has not been possible."

"Zhao Xiaomin believes that the rise of the delivery fee will not directly affect the performance of express delivery company, but the fees can be just the first step, and there will be other links in other links, which will bring a certain profit pressure to the courier company. "" To alleviate these pressures, it is possible to increase the increase in express prices. "News observation dispatcher is relieved" User’s Description "" Delivery to the door "problem is still in the notice in the notice, and the dispatch will be directly sent to the hands of the salesman. Freshly intercepted.

In the express delivery industry believes that the disposal fee is directly sent to the courier, avoiding the loss of the courier to a certain extent, which is conducive to cracking the "use of industry shortage" in the express industry. In an interview with a reporter, the person in charge of the reporter said that the express delivery will lose the profit, the first-level pressure level, the ultimately lose or the courier: "The courier salary is low, There will be a serious loss of people.

Without employees, the outlets will also be affected, and then the first level is affecting the company’s headquarters. "

  There is a courier told reporters that the traffickeepers have long been a normal, and some have just been gone for two days, and even the names of colleagues have not been recognized. "Since this year, a first-line operation employee has been shortage.

I can’t recruit people, I can only improve the price of the delivery, causing you to join a year in a loss. "The person in charge of a courier company complained. On the other hand, the courier is a decline in profit, resulting in only an expansion of the single amount to maintain the profits of the courier and the end outlet.

In order to improve efficiency, the courier will put the parcel directly in the station or express cabinet. However, such practices have damaged the user experience. Today, the express delivery company guarantees the income of the courier to a certain extent, but does not propose reasonable solutions for the "delivery of the door".

Express outlets single-piece express delivery profit is low, the courier company does not pay the door, and the phenomenon of the express delivery in the station will still exist without the recipient.

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