The "same bed dream" under the American "Democracy" big

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The "same bed dream" under the American "Democracy" big

  The so-called "Democratic Summit" hosted by the United States has been bleeding.

According to its own interests, the United States will pull all the allies "to make a game", and finally opened a "loneliness". American "Democracy" flag, now not only deceived the majority of the international community, can’t cover up the United States and many allies.

  An article in the US "Washington Post" has been published in a single-handed article: a major vulnerability of the so-called "Democracy Summit" is its "Democratic" will be based on their "imaginary" of their common commitment to democratic values.

  The fact is that the internal contradictions in the so-called alliance system headed by the United States are obvious. The US and Allies have a difficulty of "interest".

In recent years, under the "US Priority" policy guidance, the US has a significant spiritual nature, which is not polite to Europe, from steel aluminum products, red wine, cheese tariffs, to aviation subsidies, digital service tax Dispute, the United States and the allies, boxing to meat, and don’t make each other.

After the Biden government came to the stage, although in the speech tried to appease and recovered the allies of the predecessor "deep injury", the actual actions and the predecessor did not have much difference. From the rule of huge submarine order, it is not polished to harvest Australia to the anti-China "horse-stroke", and the allies feel the coldness of the "big brother".

  There is a huge "strategy" in the United States and allies. Various selfish people in the United States makes the European allies feel that it is difficult to rely on the so-called "crossing the Atlantic Alliance" to maintain its safety.

Although the Biden government shouted "Return to the United States", Europe’s "strategic autonomous" voice is getting loud. In the relationship between the big country, the United States is always looking for the allies and China and Russia for the so-called strategic competition, but most of the allies will oppose the United States and promote China’s "detachment", European political circles "should not have a bias" "" Western countries in global problems " It should be cooperated with China "and other rational sounds. Martin Jacin, a well-known British, pointed out that China attitude is different from the most typical differences between the Group of Seven countries.

  The US and allies have serious "trust in dangers".

Over the years, the United States has established a huge "monitoring empire" to maintain global hegemony, and the European allies are also included in the list of listeners, making Europe’s up and down extreme dissatisfaction. The United States has not fully negotiated with the allies and rushed from the Afghanistan, which made the Allies’ garrison.

Beauty of all kinds of doing, cadency.

The poll showed that some of the one-third of the respondents in European countries believe that the United States is a trusted partner. Some of the European political circles and scholars believe that experienced "Trump Era", plus the US domestic political uncertainty, European allies are difficult to remove, European and American relations are difficult to "yesterday reproduce". France’s "World News" warning, as long as it involves the interests of the United States, the European ally does not expect any benefiting or courtesy.

  Various facts show that the United States is not all the allies, but a "cheerleader"; it is not a friend who can sit in peace with himself, but the only American horse is looking for "follow".

This "main servant" of natural unequal is destined to go.

At present, the US domestic problem is heavy, and the allies of the allies are serious, and the situation of the United States and allies is gradually become normal, and the differences are inevitable. At the global level, the United States created the allies system, which is fundamentally to safeguard US hegemony.

For this purpose, we will use its so-called allies system, manufacture international split, and destroy international unity. This international "mountainist" of this gear gang is contrary to the international potential to pursue cooperation and win-win, which is contrary to the trend of the era of unity and collaboration, and has no future. (Reporter Li Huang) Xinhua News Agency Beijing, December 13, Electricity Editor: Li Hui.

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