Shanghai adheres to the strategic status of the development of talents (in-depth implementation of the new era "strong country strategy)

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Shanghai adheres to the strategic status of the development of talents (in-depth implementation of the new era "strong country strategy)

"Shanghai has a talent agglomeration effect, with a tolerant of the cociation policy, this is the reason I came to Shanghai.

"On September 29th, 2021 Sea Jie Ji Creative Entrepreneurship Summit launched the scene, Dean of the Shanghai Tree Graphic Block Chain Research Institute, Dragona University Assistant Professor Longfan.

On the same day, the relevant departments of Shanghai issued Hajerying Talents "Thousands of Enterprises Wanyang" high-level talent demand posts, "unveiled" The "Mount Mount" The Directory and Innovation Measures of the Project Catalog. Among them, only the high-level talented demand for Hajershan, thousands of people, covering 2944 householders, 14122 positions, covering financial, high-end manufacturing, biomedicine, aerospace, etc.

In recent years, Shanghai in-depth implementation of the policy of "Gathering the Talents", adhering to the strategic status of talents leading the development, the talent advantage is an important manifestation of the core competitiveness and soft strength of Shanghai. The total amount of 6.75 million talented resources in Shanghai management and professional technology. Shanghai has received more than 10% of the national science and technology awards in 19 years. In recent years, Shanghai scientists have been published in the "Nature" "Science" "Cell" three international top academic journals to publish papers account for more than 25% of the country.

The Chief Representative of China’s Representative Office of the University of Virginia, China, evaluated: "Whether it is researching, doing financial, or engaged in humanities, you can find a place in Shanghai.

"Accelerating the high-level talents highland, Shanghai is focusing on optimizing talent development environment, highlighting system innovation and first try.

Classification to promote the reform of talent evaluation mechanism. Highlight marketization, take the lead in the promotion of leading enterprises and other strategic emerging industries in integrated circuits, artificial intelligence and biomedicine.

Highlight internationalization, support Shanghai University of Science and Technology to explore the common professor-centered, learn from the international access to the international standard, establish a new system, heavy education, the potential, and internationally recognized people.

Highlight convenient, universities "green channel" of excellent young talents at home and abroad. Promoting the transfer transformation of scientific achievements.

Strengthen the incentive effect of market value, clarifying the transfer of scientific and technological achievements to deduct direct costs, and more than 70% of net income can be used to reward individuals and teams.

Optimize the management of academic leaders of scientific research institutions to fully release the innovative vitality of high-level talents.

Guarantee the autonomy of the employer.

Cancel a batch of administrative approvals and filings in talent recruitment, title review, personnel flow and other links, decentralized position, assessment evaluation, income distribution, etc. , Coordinate.

Let more "Miles" Pentium in the new era, the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, the Minister of Organization, the Minister of Organization, said: "Shanghai will make the momentum of innovation and start more, and the door of the ingredients is more open, and quality life is The base is more prison, let people go in struggle, so that the city will always be vibrant in everyone’s luck. "(Editor: 迪, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing Let more people see.

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