Strengthen the mission in the history of the party

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Strengthen the mission in the history of the party

"Everything is the people, then the people will go to it." Jiao Yulu "is also the dunes, the death of the dunes, the father and the old life"; Yang Shanzhou retired, struggle for more than 20 years to create a forest farm, afforestation more than 50,000 mu, " A little do not have any remuneration "; Shen Hao" for the development of Xiaogang Village, even if you sacrifice your own life "… A generation of outstanding Communists use the initial writing to write loyalty, with the mission of burning ambition, highlighting" often thinking about the country, "The mission is responsible, leaving a valuable wealth, and ramping the monument. Party history is the best nutrient.

The third episode of the Party History of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the third episode of the provincial party committee, the provincial party committee learns, to keep in mind the initial mission, firm ideals and beliefs, and in depth, the general secretary of the training, the important instructions of the important speech, the history of the party, Historical mission of understanding the ideology, doing practical things, opening a new bureau, completing "in the development of the development of a new road" in the development of a new road. At the same time, the party members and cadres must learn the party history, not only to learn the wisdom and strength, but also to take the mission of the era, pick up the relay stick, continue to write a new chapter.

"The direction determines the road, the road decides to fate." The development of transformation is the fundamental way out of the development of Shanxi, the only way out, and there is no way. In the development of the transformation, it is our great mission. It is our historical responsibility. It is based on the new development stage, and implements the new development concept. Improve economic quality, constantly consolidate the material foundation of the people’s livelihood and Huimin students. Reflections, new to history. The party history is the case, the candle is the future.

From the struggle of wisdom and strength from the history of the party, they will inherit the red gene, carry forward the red genes, promote the good tradition, strengthen the awareness of the pioneer, and internalize the revolutionary spirit and the initial mission to the heart, externalization, Learn the party history and summarize experience, observe the reality, and promote work, transform the precious nutrients in the party’s history into real political literacy and ability, maintain a strategic and competent, strong sense of beliefs, and be brave in challenge At the beginning of the heart, I started to create a new bureau in hard work. A action wins a plan. Strengthening the mission, never shouting slogans, the key to "doing the middle school, learn to learn, learn to use, to promote school, learning the same", "take the lead" to grab the opportunity, "wading" up and down Listed, in the "New Road", we dare to use the reform method to open the mountain, meet the water frame bridge, especially the focus of the key reform field, to attack the city, attack hard, and strive to achieve "Six new" breakthroughs, Strive to form a solidity of aggressiveness, chasing the good situation of the opening of the New Bureau, earnestly use the specific action of "I do practical things for the masses" to see the people, to see, the reform and development results of the people , Continuously enhance the people ‘s sense, happiness, security.

Dedish talking in the country, the trunk of Xingbang.

Can be loaded, dare to take, and the career will be unprecedented.

The key to victory is the key to the implementation. Pick up the power stick, continue to write a new chapter, you must be in the game, take a role, fight hard, work hard, tireless, like hunger, pursue excellence in the peak of the climb, and the time of responsibility, in the true knife The trunk of the gun has achieved a career.

If you want to do business, you have to do things.

Only in terms of work, grow in the middle of the new era in the vast world of the new era, and let life show your brave running in the hard work of your life. The new situation requires a new service, calling new as. Education guides party members and cadres to firmly understand the ideals and beliefs in the history of the party, strengthen the mission, unity lead the masses to screwing into a rope, the heart is going to think The new victory in the opening of the role is the first in the development of transformation. (Li Huiyong) Source: Shanxi Daily.

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