Sun Lingbin: The party’s internal education must be highlighted

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Sun Lingbin: The party’s internal education must be highlighted

The requirements of the development of the era are in the development of their own problems, and it is a major advantage of the Marxist party. Comrade Mao Zedong has said: "Mastering ideology is a central link of united the whole party to carry out great political struggle.

If this task does not resolve, the party’s all political tasks cannot be done. "For the education of education and cadres in the in-service cadres, it should establish a method of studying the practical problems of the China Revolution to study Marxism-Leninism by the Guidelines of the Basic Principles of Marxism – Leninism. "The previous paragraph indicated the significance of the party’s internal education, and later, in the next paragraph, he emphasized the orientation of the party’s internal education.

At present, we are carrying out a great struggle with many new historical features, "two learning," learning education must further highlight problems.

It is the key to the effectiveness of the effectiveness of education in the party.

Whenever the party’s business is developing to a new stage, our party will continue to strengthen the party’s internal education in the context of continuous development.

This is a precious historical experience of our party to strengthen its own construction. For example, in the early 1940s, our party launched Yanan’s storm movement against subjectivism, sect and party eight shares in the party.

Because there is a clear problem, the wind has achieved remarkable results, greatly enhanced the party’s combat power, and laid an important thinking foundation for the victory of the anti-Japanese victory and the new democratic revolution.

Since the reform and opening up, in the face of the problems in the party’s construction, we have adapted to the needs of the party’s business development. Our party has also carried out many parties in the party, greatly enhances the creativity, cohesiveness and combat power of party members and party organizations. At present, the Party Central Committee of Comrade Xi Jinping is leading the whole party and the people of all ethnic groups to achieve the "two-year-old" struggle to achieve the "two hundred years" struggle, and realize the great revival of the Chinese nation. However, there is still a problem that is not compatible with the difficult history task in the construction of the party. This requires us to solve these problems through the direction of education in the party. Highlight the problem or guide to learn the style. Marx pointed out: "The problem is the slogan of the times, it is the most practical voice of its mental state." The protruding problem is directed to highlight the theoretical character of the materialistic dialectics.

For what is a problem, Mao Zedong commented on the highly deformed of the materialistic dialectics: "The problem is the contradiction between things. Where is the contradiction of solving, there is a problem.

"Comrade Xi Jinping also pointed out:" The problem is the form of expression of things, we emphasize the enhancement of problem awareness, insisting on problem-oriented, is the universality, objectivity of the contradiction, is to be good at opening the understanding and resolution contradiction as a breakthrough in opening work. "These discussion indicate that the problem is that the qualities of the Communists should have, and the reason for the orientation of the education in the party is also here.

At the same time, the outstanding problem is guided to reflect the inherent requirements of Marxist understanding.

From the perspective of Marxist epistemology, the problem-oriented is also practical orientation.

Practice is the foundation of understanding, and the problem plays an important role in it.

The problem is not only the logical starting point of understanding, and it is also an important driving force for understanding development. As Engels said: "Once the society has technical needs, this need will be more advanced than ten universities." "This requirement" often appears in a certain issue, actually solving problems Need. In the party’s internal education, Marxist understanding is reflected in the Marxist learning style, which is theoretical connection.

The problem is precisely the theoretical connection to the actual entry point, foundation, intermediary, and actual problem to be theoretically answered, theoretical problems need to be resolved in the actual. Comrade Xi Jinping, "Learning with Problem, Doing Telling for Problem," Talking about this.

Working around the party’s parties to temper the party members’ cadres. Advancedness and pureness is our party as the nature of the Marxist party, which rely on thousands of party members’ advanced and pureness, and requires party members to constantly temper the party. Our party has always attached great importance to the tempering of party members, and emphasizes the tempering of partyity by solving practical problems. Comrade Liu Shaoqi in the "The Method of Communist Party Cultivation" in the Cultivation of Communists: "To cultivate and exercise in the revolutionary practice, this unique purpose of this cultivation and exercise is for the people, for the revolution practice.

"History and reality have shown that in the face of problems in practice, facing whether the gap in the style can be dared to self-anatomy, dare to take responsibility, is the scale of the party’s party’s cultivation level. Currently, some party members exist The ideal belief is blurred, the party’s consciousness is faded, the purpose is weak, the spirit is weak, and the moral behavior is highlighted.

Carry out "two learning and one" learning education, strengthen the party’s tempering, and never sit and argue, stop in the empty talk, can not avoid the problem, the boots are itchy.

"Being good governance, it is necessary to suffer from the disease; good and disadvantages, it will be the source of it.

"The key to" Creating "" Caution "is that the problem of the problem of the problem.

In the "two learning and one" learning education, only the party spirit of the party members and cadres, solve the problem of impacting the party’s creativity, cohesiveness, combat power, and seriously healing the party’s advanced nature and pure disease, resolutely remove the breeding Taxoma on the party’s healthy body can make our party have always become a strong leadership core of socialism with Chinese characteristics. (The author is a professor of the Max College of Wuhan University).

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