Silk Road Treasure 丨 "West Chamber" handwriting 700 years ago

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Silk Road Treasure 丨 "West Chamber" handwriting 700 years ago

  Tianshan Net – Xinjiang Daily reporter Zhao Meyuan’s famous black drama "Xixiang" handwriting, more than 700 years ago, I have been circulated into Xinjiang.

Baron Guo Yu Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture Museum Collection National Level Cultural Relics, Dong Xin Yun "West Chamber" handwriting page, confirmed such a historical real. Introduction to the Basang Museum Museum, this handwriting residue is currently placed in the historical and cultural exhibition hall on the first floor of the museum.

The residue is unearthed and the first county, length centimeter, and the width is 27 cm. The content begins with the hand of the door, and the lady is burn, it is ancient Donghua Yuanyuan "Xian Lu". " Hand copy of the page. In recent years, this artifact has been exhibited in Beijing and Shenyang. In September 1986, a herd of herds at the end of the county did not intend to discover some shaking paper on ancient sites called Suibscan, including 27 book letters, presented, directory, notice, etc., a batch of primary The instrument is presented in front of the world. The era of "West Chamber" handwriting and other instruments is before and after two decades (1282).

  He Dexao analysis, in the early days of the Yuan Dynasty, the government has taken the management of the Western Region, set up military and political institutions, establish a station, and implement series of cultivated cultivation. At the end of the county SUBS CAIAN, the transportation main rush in the southern edge of the Tarim Basin is an important military station in the Communication of the Government of Yuan Dynasty. From the perspective of the military directory in the document, Dong Xin Yun’s "West Cixing" handwriting page should be the first batch of relics. The researchers analyzed the staff of the sergeants unearthed from the site, the first batch of defenders in the Subbski Station from the Yan’an House in the Central Plains, the prolonged counties, "Xixiang" may be brought from the Central Plains.

Yan’anfu is a thousand miles away from the Western Region, and the Zhongyuan sergeant who guards here will send a loneliness. The discovery of Dong Xin Yun’s "West Chamber" handwriting page not only confirmed the jurisdiction of the central government in the early days of the Yuan Dynasty, but also reflected that the Western region and Central Plains were closely related to the culture.

Niu Pill said.

  Domestic research information shows that there are dozens of the Chinese genre and form of the Xixiang, which has an important impact in the history of ancient literature, and the "莺 传" of Dong Xinxiang, the "West Cixi, the palace" and Wang Shizhen "Cui Wei Waiting for the West Hall. " Dong Xinxin’s "West Harm" reveals the sin of feudalism, and praised youth asking the struggle of marriage freedom, making the original love story gain new artistic life.

On the basis of making it a breakthrough, it has broken through the viewpoint of Dong Xinyuan Jia people, and it is expected that there is a love point of love in the world, and put "Xixiang" to the unprecedented art peak. Dong Xixiang Wang Xixiang has different language style, and the director is the same as the same subject in Chinese classical literature.

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