Southeast Asia Digital Economic Acceleration Development Internet Trading Total Breakthroughs in 2020 Breakthrough One Million US Dollars

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Southeast Asia Digital Economic Acceleration Development Internet Trading Total Breakthroughs in 2020 Breakthrough One Million US Dollars

  The 25-year-old Sapon is the waiter in Bangkok, Thailand. The April, the April, the affected is forced to close, Sarnon is unemployed. "There are very few jobs during the epidemic, see the Takeaway Platform GRAB in the recruitment, I will sign up.

"After the online registration and verification and offline training, Sapon officially became a takeaway rider.

"The store will pay commissions, the platform is also distributed, as long as you work, I can earn a few hundred baht (1 US dollar about 1) every day."

In Thailand, there are at least 100,000 take-away riders like Sarn.

  Founded in 2012, Singapore Enterprise Grab is a unicorn company in the Southeast Asian Internet field, the earliest main webmobile business, and later gradually expanded to the field of food takeaway and digital payment, business all over Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. 1/8 of Southeast Asia uses the Internet services provided by GRAB.

  In 2020, the Southeast Asian Digital Economy represented by GRAB is growing.

Google, Temasek and Bern, Jointly released "2020 Southeast Asian Digital Economic Report" in December last year, 2020 Southeast Asian Internet transactions exceeded $ 100 billion, the number of users increased by 40 million, and the first breakthrough is 400 million.

Taking GRAB as an example, the company has increased by about 70% year-on-year last year. In the past month, GRAB has doubled in Thailand’s monthly active users and orders.

On the day of "Double 11" last year, Southeast Asian e-commerce companies came into 100 seconds after zero, and the turnover has exceeded 11 million US dollars. In addition, the sales produced by online live broadcast also increase.

  The report also pointed out that there were 12 unicorn companies in Southeast Asia in 2020, further increasing in 2019. Kanari, a partner and person in charge of Bern, Southeast Asian private equity, said that this shows that Southeast Asia has a good investment prospect, and the digital economic development still has a rising space.

  Analysis believes that there are about 100 million population in Southeast Asia, and more than 90% of the young groups, more than 90% of the 400 million Internet users are mobile Internet users, which provides a good soil for the development of the regional economy.

Thai Senate Foreign Council Consultant, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Thailand, said the reporter that Southeast Asia’s digital economic development has huge, 2021 Southeast Asia Digital Economy will continue to maintain strong development momentum. "Unicorn companies should grasp the current good opportunities and continue to expand the size of digital economy.

"(This newspaper Bangkok is on January 18th).

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