Shenzhen: Ensure completing the full-year economic and social development target task

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Shenzhen: Ensure completing the full-year economic and social development target task

Original title: The Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee meeting and the Municipal Party Committee of the Finance and Economic Commission held the implementation of more powerful initiatives to implement the full-year economic and social development target mission on October 28, the Shenzhen Municipal Committee Standing Committee and Municipal Party Committee Finance Committee Meeting, in-depth Learning to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s instructions for Guangdong, Shenzhen Series Important Speech and Important Instructions, listening to the economic operation report on the third quarter of 20021, studying the next work.

Wang Wei, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the meeting.

  The meeting emphasized that in-depth study of the important speech and important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, according to the Party Central Committee, the State Council’s decision-making deployment and the provincial party committee, the provincial government work deployment, firmly grasp the total tone of the work, complete and accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new Development concept, maintain strategic and competent, firm confidence, grab "double district" driver, "double district" superposition, "double change" demonstration and construction of China Characteristic socialist rule of law first line demonstration city and other major strategic opportunities, with more powerful measures, More solid-style, promote the economy and keep the economy, stabilize, stabilize, stabilize the good situation, and ensure the completion of the annual economic and social development target tasks. The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to adhere to the target orientation, the problem-oriented, the result orientation, accurate Mete, attack the hardship, and the supply side and the demand side of the battle, combined with punches, and go all out to grasp the economics in the fourth quarter.

Fully promote industrial steady growth, pay close attention to key industries such as integrated circuits, 5G, biomedicine, and new energy, and coincide with energy protection such as coal, electricity, gas, and vigorously promote energy conservation and emission reduction, strengthen core technical research, and strengthen industrial space guarantee. Fully do a good job in enterprise services, do a good job in the city’s leadership, improve the accuracy and effectiveness of policy measures, and effectively increase the intensity of investment promotion, and do a good job in China’s investment conference. Fully increase effective investment, and promote the construction of major projects and key cases in the city.

Fully stimulate consumption growth potential, adapt and lead consumption upgrade trends, and promote consumption expansion. Fully stabilize foreign trade growth situation, accelerate the implementation of "Top Ten Projects" of Trade High Quality Development, and further improve trade convenience level, continuously enhance the comprehensive strength, innovation ability and international competitiveness of Shenzhen Trade. The meeting emphasized that we must strengthen the party’s leadership of economic work and continuously improve the capacity and level of economic work in complex environments. We must improve the economic work to implement the mechanism, resolutely prevent the resolution of major risk hazards, and do a good job in the beginning of the year, always tighten the string of safety, and ensure the harmonious and stable social overall situation.

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