Qixing Guanzhuang Haizhang Town Health Center: Embed Health Management Promotes Medical Defense

4月 22, 2022 夜网

Qixing Guanzhuang Haizhang Town Health Center: Embed Health Management Promotes Medical Defense

First, innovation "a hundred million" family doctor signing service model.

Improve medical service capabilities, steadily expand the coverage of signing services, and actively provide health protection for the consolidation of expanding the effectiveness of rural revitalization.

I: Create a "an" intention of the intensive health station, focus on optimizing domestic service model.

Ten: The "Ten" integration of home medical teams and deepen the expansion signing service connotation. Hundreds: Carry out "100 games" effective and healthy exercises, and constantly enhance the consciousness of the masses. Qian: Provide "Thousands of" precision reservation services, reasonably improve the quality of domestic service. Wan: Establish "10,000" regulations follow-up records, and scientifically improve the level of health management. The second is to innovate "Mom Classroom" maternal and child management model.

With the "mother class" as a carrier, through "four chemistry" as a starting point, strengthen public maternal health management, ensure maternal and child safety, to protect maternal and child health to the jurisdiction.

The first is precision content, and focus on improving the practicality of pregnancy.

"Mom Classroom" mainly focuses on pregnancy preparation, pregnancy health, time limit and significance, hospital delivery reimbursement policy, newborns screening, etc. The second is diversified form, which focuses on improving the participation rate of the parent. The hospital established a Teacher’s team. Every period will develop a careful teaching plan for different lectures, integral knowledge, funity, and implement multimedia teaching, simulating teaching, scenario teaching, interactive participation and other forms. form. The third is to cover the whole process and focus on improving the full cycle care. The content of "Mom Classroom" covers pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy care, childbirth period, postpartum care, children’s health care and other comprehensive knowledge.

The fourth is the quality of service and focus on improving maternal satisfaction.

Through "Mom Classroom", quality maternal health care and medical care services are provided for maternal, and further improve the management of maternal system, which has targeted to strengthen maternal and child health services.

The third is the "Health Management Center and the Signing Station" service model of the Signing Station. The hospital enabled Health Management Center and family doctor’s signing station in May 2021, and there is a health service hotline and 3 full-time health workers, built a signing family and family doctors team and clinical business and public health services. The bridge between the family does the family doctors team provide professional health recommendations and guidance in real time, and help the masses to address health confusion and disease problems.

Taking a healthy station, the health management service is extended, and as a means of chronic disease monitoring. Through information technology and intelligent equipment, the township residents provide poverty and routine medical examination and conventional medical examination and clinical diagnosis and treatment services. Health for residents Timely grasp, timely warning, timely intervention.

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