Touch high quality development strong pulse – Summary of the exchange of high-quality development site exchanges in Linyi City in 2021 (on) 

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Touch high quality development strong pulse – Summary of the exchange of high-quality development site exchanges in Linyi City in 2021 (on) 

Lanshan Jinlu Group Water Treatment Equipment Wisdom Factory has been developed by the international leading, sorbic acid (potassium) extraction technology developed by Lanyu New Tiande, breaks the US monopoly, Pingyi Huaxing Super high-strength new material is saving under equivalent effect Steel consumption of more than 40% … In 2021, the city promoted the high-quality development site exchange meeting, one of the key projects of the Changyuan is driving the urban form, industrial structure, and people’s livelihood in Linyi City, and the people’s livelihood will be a huge change. The city promotes the solid step of high quality development.

From November 8th to 11th, the city promoted the high-quality development site exchange meeting in 2021, the city was held, and the city was more than 50 days, guided the city’s upside down, sprint in the fourth quarter, and strive to win the opening of the opening. 3 or a half, the participating people horses do not stop, watching 14 counties and development zones, 42 projects, seeing the implementation of development ideas, watching the trend of county, development zones, looking at major projects, node engineering landing, See the mental state of party members and cadres.

In front of a modern industrial factory, I stayed in front of a newly-leading new production line, and in a piece of "Linyi Zhizhi" product, "Linyi Zhizhi" products in front of a piece of "Linyi Zhizhi" products … Observation, participants into the park , Enter enterprises, get off, see project, watch products, listen to introduction, everyone will go all the way, all the way. The observation is both show, and it is also a platform. It is also a study. Everyone generally reflects that this observation project, the volume is large, the quality is high, there is a connotation, especially some leadership, node sexual project, let people look bright, feel excited . "These projects meet the municipal party committee decision-making deployment, reflect the direction of transformation and upgrading, compliant chain development trend, showing scientific and technological innovation, highlighting the advantages of local characteristics, full, confidence, helping the cadres full of accomplishment, pride, further stimulating Learn to catch up with it.

"Wang Ande, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, commented on the exchange meeting.

In recent years, Linyi City has based in the new development stage, implements new development concepts, integrates into the new development pattern, planning "eight first arms" "six strong six rich" development blueprints, proposing rural resolution "three steps" path , Traditional industrial transformation and upgrading, "Commercial Cangflow" integrated development and other new ideas, new ideas, high quality development elements continue to collect. Focus on the agricultural product supply base of the Yangtze River Delta area, the city introduced the five-bedroom agricultural industrialization project, and play the main trekle advantages of the country’s largest flour processing enterprises, driving agricultural standardization planting, standardized production, standardized transportation, standardization testing, continuous improvement of the grade level of Yimeng Agricultural Products; Focus on the leisure tourism "post-garden", Pingyi’s TOEFL TAKCO, Mengyin’s Yunmeng Sun City International Kangsui Xiaowei, Linyi’s water rhyme Zhu Village red literature project, comprehensively improve the color of "post garden"; The focusing industry is transferred to the "big rear", with the business investment, with the advantage of investment, and the industrial chain investment is good … The facts prove that as long as the municipal party committee is established, the ideas fall into the measures, put the measures to the project, firmly Come down, Linyi’s development will unstoppable. The development of advanced manufacturing is the inherent requirements of the transformation and upgrading of Linyi City, and the road to the economy enters the high quality development stage.

Linyi City is the main body of eight traditional industries, accelerates the transformation of traditional industries, promoting the quality change of manufacturing, efficiency change, dynamic change, and continuously promoting Linyi traditional industrial market to the industrial stroning market. Especially after the wood industry, small hardware transitions, other traditional industries quickly follow up, forming a "benchmark lead, multi-point blossom".

Temnest Sunday is aiming at home market, using the "industrial + artificial intelligence" process, expanding R & D, design, installation, maintenance, etc., and has become a wooden industry in the city’s first tax over 100 million yuan; Youte Steel Project is transformed from the construction of special steel. The added value of each ton increase is about 3,000 yuan. The overall pollutant discharge is reduced by 495 tons, and the energy consumption has dropped by 300,000 tons; Luozhuang Xintiandi project introduced Italian process equipment, the ceramic plate produced ceramics 3 mm, one piece can sell 10,000 yuan, zero pollution in the workshop, become a "sample" of the ceramic transformation of Linyi City. "Only backward technology, there is no backward industry, as long as the direction is found, accelerate the transformation, the traditional industry can be able to rebirth," Become a fire. "Become a consensus.

A good project is a new economic growth point, a good project is a new economic growth. In the case, a group of projects strong, high economic efficiency, is particularly eye-catching, and their greatest features are obvious chain trends, whether they are technically reform or new, no longer a problem, is a certain area An industrial chain, a ring or important node on the supply chain. Zhizhi New City Chain Economy "Ruby Welfare" Project has made everyone a more intuitive feelings of the value of the industrial chain. "Our project, use the micropowder of the upstream enterprise, the waste gas of the surrounding ore, and the steel smelting of the steel smelting, in series, before only solid waste treatment fee reached 16 million yuan, ‘turned waste into treasure", attached The value is increased by 21 times.

Liu Kunming, general manager of Shandong Xinyao New Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd., said that the implementation of the project not only has long, but also reduces environmental pollution, two cars.

Entering the Lanling Tree Low Carbon Economic Integration Industry Park, Standard Factory, Sharing R & D Center, in a short period of more than 80 enterprises, become a key ring on the wooden chain, attracting members of the observation, this It is the direction of the industry, the front end is expanded to raw materials, the mid-end improvement, the rear end extension, so that the enterprise on the industry chain will get more, the scale is formed.

From "Old Tree New Branch" to "there is no middle birth", all the way, Linyi City "four new" economies represented by new technologies, new industries, new activities, and new models are showing flourishing trends, new kinetic energy, new hostel Changes to come are delightful. "We build the only Chinese medicine national laboratories in the province, the only domestic technology industry is the only domestic technology, collecting more than 100 researchers, research and development of 120 Chinese medicine products, 22 exclusive products, children’s clothing oral liquid to fill domestic gaps, boost companies The output value of Chinese medicine exceeded 3 billion yuan. "" Luan Pharmaceutical Chinese Medicine Laboratory Guantuan Guan Yongxia said.

As a new state, the Wanyan pet cloud supply chain project provides enterprises to serve the company from raw materials, warehrooms, and financing, is a typical model of government platform engaged in service and market integration. Similar to such carrier platforms, it is more worth more than a simple project, which makes the participants open their eyes.

From the viewing, the scientific research capabilities, cutting-edge technology, and new states in Linyi City have a great progress, research and development, technical advantages are accelerating into industrial advantages. The resource is the advantage, and the feature is the potential.

Linyi City is based on the resource endowment to do a good job in the characteristics, and played the role of four and two.

Pingyi relying on the annual production of 6 billion cop, accounting for 60% of the national share, high standard construction glove industrial park, introducing 8 "chain owners" enterprises, integrating 175 commercial and trade circulation enterprises, and formulated the country’s first Local industry alliance standards have mastered core technology and market discipline rights.

Coincidentally, Weinan plays a funeral processing account for one-fifth of the country, using the remaining raw materials after processing, and has a pet food, attracting 40 companies including Nestlé, and builds research and development, processing and sales. Pet food supply chain. Small industry makes a big market. It turns out that as long as it is planning, it is well-organized, the breakthrough, the dislocation development, and it can have more new growth points.

A viewing meeting, witnessed the development of "championship and first-class, only flag is", and also enhanced the sense of responsibility and mission of "when I stayed with me, only to the eve".

"This time I observe, I really understand a kind of can’t sit still, I can’t afford, slow pressure and urgency.

"You have chased me, the project is competing, further broadening the development ideas and vision." "" Sporator advancement, more recognizes its own gap and insufficient, and clarifies the direction of attacking. "

"Everyone is watching the gap, the idea, and the goal, but not only firmly firmly promote the confidence of high-quality development with the project, but also condenses a new round of promoting Linyi" by the big arrival, from the beautiful to rich, from the new to fine "The powerful synerg of strategic transformation. (Li Bingqing Wang Yongchao) (Editor: Zhengpu Li, Xing Manhua) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

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