Rolling a stone, what kind of new taste will be placed by Chen Will?

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Rolling a stone, what kind of new taste will be placed by Chen Will?

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For a long time, no response, please refresh this page Author: Swords from 1980 Zhong Wei, Duan Zhongtan two brothers founded "Rolling Stone Snown Publishing House", rolling stone record has gone over 40 years. For more than 40 years, the rolling record let us see the humanistic fan of Qi Yu, Luo Dayou, Zhang Aijia, and bring us Zhou Huajian, Chen Shuhua, Lin Yilian, Ren Xianqi, Mo Wenwei, such as a city love song singer.

The gold songs that have been circulated in the streets and the superstars that appear on TV and media are also reminding us. Whether it is commercial sales or artistic achievements, rolling stone records have become an indelible memory of Chinese pop music history. In the moment, the biggest independent record company in Asia continued to be voyage in the waves of the new generation, we must continue to make a vitality. "Rolling Stone Band, 40 Classics" series came into being in this context.

"We have chosen a group of classic songs that have been tested through the market, and pay more than 40 bands, and another new voice of new songs. When you start this project, we provide a classic song of hundreds of songs. Single for the band choice, completely do not intervene in the production direction of the band, let them have a full freedom to create new appearance.

"The founder of the rolling stone record said. The company invited 20 bands from both sides, a total of 40 bands to re-interpreted the classic songs issued by Rolling Stones in 40 years. From December 3," Rolling Stone Band, 40 Found The classic "series is on the top of 5 new songs per week, lasting 8 weeks to meet with the fans. 5 first singles on the first wave," sunset speed "" Elephant gymnastics "" Mars Radio "" God Stick Orchestra "The" Whaling Band "is the monopolism, sang these classic cockroaches." Love ": Love and hate entanglement vs dynamic reduction takes the wave of citypop," Sunset Truck "is now the three sides of the strait The orchestra has become a frequent visitor of the major music festivals. It is hard to find the performance of LiveHouse, but also this year with the album "SoftStorm" to win the Best Orchestra Award. "The Sunset Speed" was established in 2011, for five people, Zeng Guohong served as the main singer and guitarist, Best Hand Chen Hongli and drumor Luo Zunlong, Wang Shao Xuan and Huang Haoting were responsible for keyboard part. Lazy and gentle singing, retro and relaxed slow shooting rhythm is a "sunset speed" signature style.

This time they choose the "Love" by Li Xinjie, including the album "Manwoman" in her released in January 2003, the words were tailored by Zhang Zhenyue to Li Xinjie. Li Xinjie’s version of "Love" is the entanglement of girls in the face of love, the arrangement section, according to the creation of the popular gold songs, the instrument performance is the maximum voice service, in the rhythmic drum, and the bits of Beth Bass Song section "What is the reason for / what results / want me to deny your fault, singing out countless love in women’s voice.

The "Flat Speed" version of "Love" is the biggest feature of the orchestra, which is the protagonist.

The opening of the chaquelo style, the rhythm is full, bringing a psychedelic and hot love atmosphere, except for the keyboard performance of the orchestra, the arcade also added the synthesizer performance to further enrich the sound. Chen Shanni served as a singer and the blur of Zeng Guohong, and the love of a love-increasing love was mourning and injured.

  "Is there a song that would let you think of me": Wen Jing vicissitudes VS salt can be sweet "Elephant gymnastics" is a mathematics rock band from Kaohsiung, from Best Hand Zhang Kai Ting, Guitar Hand Zhang Kai Xiang and drummer Tu Jia Qin.

Compared to traditional bands to lead music with guitar, their biggest feature is in series with bass bass, and makes the band’s overall hearing feelings with unsteited and accurate rhythm. If you have a big life, they choose to cover Zhou Huajian’s classic, "There is no song that will let you think of me." "Is there a song that would let you think of me," The original work is composed of Li Yuxiong, Li Zongsheng, and Zhou Chuan Qiong composes the album "forgetting grass" issued in Zhou Huajian in October 2001.

Zhou Huajian version "Is there a song that will let you think of me" full of the world without losing warm, thick sound line soothing lonely. Choose a re-interpretation of such a classic streaming in the streets, it is difficult to know. "Elephant gymnastics" version "There is no song that will let you think of me" is brand new, boxing to meat drum and fresh female voice form chic contrast, guitar solo is more surprises, a temperature and vicissitudaous comfort This is completely subversited, the vicissitudes of the years, the vicissitudes of the year, become a light and aura, and the hot fierce has a few points with a small fresh "salt-saving sweet" song. "Tomorrow": Lonely Worry VS Easily and off "Mars Radio" is a double combination band from Beijing, with a long history of spending, and he served as Zhou Xun’s first personal music album "Summer" producer. They choose to reinterpret Yang Naiwen’s "Tomorrow".

The original song was collected by Li Yuandu, composing, including the album "one" issued by Yang Naiwen in July 1997, lending the 2019 hot broadcast platform "I want to see you", as an episode "tomorrow" again. In the face of the "unpleasant regrets" in Yang Naiwen’s songs in Jazz, "Mars Radio" anti-road, decided to sing with a light arming. Earchestra and ends in the beginning and ends, select the vocal chorus, turn the gray lonely in the original song into bright and free, and find an export to the emotions of the chest.

  "Flyout": Rhinoception VS blame interest "Godless Orchestra" chooses to cover the "brothers’ true color" hip hop "FLYOUT". "Brothers’ true color" is Zhang Zhenyue and hip hop singer hot dog MCHOTDOG, urchin MJ116 hip-hop group, and "Godless Orchestra" is a rock band with a curved style. Since 2006, they have used national musical instruments such as traditional folk music, and there are electric guitars, bass, drums, and make a Chinese and Western music. The non-typical rock band sang the classic of hip-hop combination, and it is conceivable to know how to overturn. The version of the "God Cape Orchestra" is the deconstruction reconstruction. Squiring, the electric guitar of the break is in an exciting 唢, laughing in anger, deduplication with the rebellion of the original song; on the singing, the orchestra is deliberately accelerated, and the experience of the orchestra is added to the lyrics. The monster has a monster, and the intracranial climax, "Flyout" is completely separated from the Earth under the "God Stick Orchestra".

  "Strong reasons": deep feelings of sad VS brightly sad "Whalecast band" chooses to cover "strong reasons". "Strong reasons" is included in the personal album "ISAY" issued by Mo Wenwei in June 1998. The original song was sang by Mo Wen, Wu Yi, is a deep and sad classic to sing.

Mo Wenwei and Wu Yi’s voice are very characteristic. The former elves have a thick heavy, and the latter has a strong feelings. The "Whaling" version of "Strong Rease" is the instrument for firepower. The classic rock music tone in the 1960s is supplemented by the drum of clean vesia, the more the mood is in the push of the instrument, until the final collapse "Whaling" is hurt by youth, faded in Wu Yi’s vicissitudes.

  In recent years, the intersection of the music group has been revived, and the new generation of the monette will make the old songs from the traditional classic songs to the traditional classic songs, so that the classic songs can be made with new generations. Dialogue, this is a win-win situation on the rolling stone record and the band. Wonderful still continuing, "second-hand rose" "Eight-three" "Dao Wang Band" "Decajoins" "CarsickCars" "Carsick Changeball" and other bands are about to go online, and you can wait and see. (烧).

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