Tongpu Legend: Important Channel of the Anti-Japanese Base of Jinxi North (1)

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Tongpu Legend: Important Channel of the Anti-Japanese Base of Jinxi North (1)

> 2021-11-1611: 56: 59 Views: Jin North, located in the west of the Tongshu Railway, south of Pingyu Railway, north of the Wei Ri Road, and Yellow River It is not only an important passage of the anti-Japanese base from the North-Shaanxi and China against Japan and China, but also an important channel that prevents the enemy from the westward.

Defend the important barrier in Shaanxi Gansun. In late February 1938, the Japanese army gathered 10,000 soldiers, divided into 5 groups, first siege to the Northwest anti-Japanese base area. In just a few days, I occupied the seven counties of the Yellow River East Coast of Ningwu, Krand, Shenchi, Wuzhai, Rhende, Baode, and Deviation in Jinxi North.

Entering the Yellow River, invading Shaanxi Ganning.

Under the passive anti-Japanese situation in the Kuomintang army, He Long commanded the 120th to fight for more than a month, and recovered all 7 counties captured by the Japanese army.

Recovered the victory of the seven city, stabilizing the situation in the Jinxi, and guaranteeing the safety of Shaanxi-Gansin, expanding the impact of the Communist Party and the Eighth Route Army, laid the foundation for the development of war against Japan. Japanese Branch of the Northwest Shanxi Province. "At that time, 120 divisions were stationed in the Lan County, which significance.

If it is not a 120-teacher overall commander, the overall command of this battle of Lan County, there will be no later in the northwestern basis of Shanxi, and there will be no northwestern according to Shanxi.

There is a caster, so there is no. Yan’an is a barrier. "General Liao Hansheng (Time Ren 858 Brigade 716, 358 Brigade, Political Commissar), studied Jin Si culture for many years, secretary Li Yixuan said.

Yan’an is very dangerous on February 29, 1938, the snow flew, with the friendly army to complete the 120th Director to return to Lan County.

At this time, the Northern Mongolia’s Japanese Jun, the bamboo sublimation has invaded the offset, river song; Chi Tac, after the invasion of the pool, the soldiers are divided into two ways, all the way to capture the Guide, send more than 200 people to spend. The Yellow River enters the city of Fuku and is three times to Wuzhai.

In the south, the 109th Division of Japan North China has occupied the stone.

A military ferry and ice 碛 entered the East Bank of the Yellow River.

The shelling of the eight-way army-defense troops left-behind troops and puts out the trend of the river and attacking the sky.

Attacking tea, ancient diplomatic, estrangement, and attacking.

"In fact, the true intention of the Japanese army is to occupy all counties in the northwestern, forcing the Chinese army to withdraw from Shanxi.

"Li Yixuan said in an interview with this reporter.

On March 2, the former Jianlian team will invade more than 200 people in Fuku, and concentrate on attacking crowds and Krand. The Japanese army, the Japanese army of seven, suddenly eaststone, then attacked the mountaishan, Lin County. The Jinxi North Anti-War Bank is in danger! On March 4th, 120 teachers held an emergency meeting of Lanxian Cadres, and He Long mobilized reports on the recovery of Shaanxi North Seven County.

At this point, the entire division expanded to 2.50,000 from more than 8,000 people who have just arrived in Yu County. On March 6th, He Long received the instructions of Mao Zedong and gave all the strength of the Communist Party of China and the Communist Party of China in the northwest of Shanxi. He Long gave a busy order 358 北 北, went to the northwestern part of Shanxi to visit the Kuomintang General.

"At that time, four Kuomintang army stationed in the northwest of Shanxi.

Zhao Chenglian’s first rider army stationed in Jingle; Guo Zongfen’s 71st division stationed in Dongcun; Fu Weiyi’s 35th army stationed in Linxian; He Zhu Guo’s cavalry army stationed. Guanzhi North. However, when the Japanese army attacked, in addition to the 35th army, the enemy of the invasion of the hills, Linxian, and the land of the house was avoided. "He Long decided to join Zhao Chenglian and Guo Zongfen. After the lobbying of He Long, Zhao Chengli and Guo Zongfen finally agreed to discuss the operational plan.

On March 9th, Zhao, Guo came to Blue County, with He Long, Guan Xiangying, Shaw, and develops a combat plan.

It is planned to set up a tour of the 71st Travel Cake, and the main force of the 120th will be located in the appropriate position of the East of Wuzhai and Krand Avenue.

The Northwest, attacking the pool, the enemy of Wuzhai; Anti-Japanese War Sports Association guerrilla (November 1937, the Temporary Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, the 120th Master of the Communist Party of China Active in Baode and Three, however, no matter what Zhao Guo is still Guo Guo, there is no real intention of any resistance.

Zhao Chengshun sent two artillery and two mile guns with the 120th division, and sent a troops to the Shenchi and Wuzhai West. Guo Zongfen passed his case with a variety of reasons, and a soldier did not send it. In this case, this counterattack can only rely on 120 teachers. He Long decided this battle to start from Krand, north of Dawei County.

In fact, the third day after He Long backlang County, that is, on March 5, He Long and Zhao Gui’s combat plan has not agreed, but appointed 359 propagation and political commissar Wang Zhen.

Lead two groups surrounded by Cran, strengthening reconnaissance, and finding the enemy.

After several days, Wang Zhen reported to He Long, and Clan City was stationed in a squadron, cavalry, artillery, and a hundred people.

Clan City has four mountains. There is no water source in the city. The ditch outside the South Gate is the only water source in the city. So, the greeting of the 359 brigade will be tightened, and the water is broken, and the enemy will force the city. 1.

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