Thinking in Guangxi: Li Jia Farm is full of mountain guest

4月 16, 2022 品茶

Thinking in Guangxi: Li Jia Farm is full of mountain guest

People’s online thinking on July 14th Recently, located in the Rijia family farm pear garden in Ningshan, Ningshan, Nikun, Ningshan, Si County, Guangxi. Hundreds of tourists from the surrounding counties came to pick. The tourists enjoy the pear tree of the pear trees hanging on the hillside along the industrial road surrounding the pear garden hillside, and picking up the ripe pears, but also take pictures.

Li Jia family farm person in charge of Lotong, the farm pear garden was founded in 2018, and it planted 100 mu of early morning.

This year is the third-year trial period since the pear tree planting, and each pear tree estimates about 20 pounds of fruit fruit. It is expected that the total output of this year is about 100,000 pounds, mainly for the tourist experience.

Next, Li Dong plans to develop a 10-acre fish pond for tourists to fish, continue to develop rural tourism, build a farming cultural experience, ecological agricultural sightseeing, rural leisure vacation, etc. Special rural tourism, drive the surrounding people to get rid of poverty.

The farm won the title of Family Farm in 2019 Fangchenggang City.

(Zheng Xue, Zhu Weiping, Peng Yuanhe).

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