Stay in the new community hug new life

4月 14, 2022 品茶

Stay in the new community hug new life

My name is Zhang Youwan, which is a poverty of Li Lee Village, Vitang Town, Xingxian.

In recent years, under the help of precise poverty alleviation policies, my life has changed huge changes, and the happiness index rises, becoming an envious object around everyone.

I am now living in the Liuyougou immigrant resettlement community is an immigrant relocation project that the Xing County Government is carefully built.

In July last year, I bid farewell to the soil cave and took the lead in relocating the new community.

Today, the water and electricity in the family should be fully equipped, good light, warm and comfortable, and the quality of life rises.

Think about the change of life now, it is really a day, one underground. Now everyone will tease, old Zhang, since you move to the new house, his face is always laughing.

In fact, my heart is really happy. In the past, there was no road to go, and there was no mud kiln. The water couldn’t eat. I dinked it in the sky. Sometimes life is not guaranteed. It is relying on a few acres, and there is no income. . However, the country’s poverty alleviation relocation has brought the biggest happiness to our poor households. The movement moved to Liu Yegou. It turned into a city in the city. All aspects of the rural areas.

From our farmers, how many years are not a good thing, it is a good policy to give my life, let me be immersed in happiness. In the new community, in addition to the improvement in the housing, the community property also provides public welfare positions for some old poor people. I have been arranged to have a cleaning staff, so that life is more secure, and let me move with my wife and live. Peace of mind.

For today’s new life, I am very satisfied with my wife. I thought it was in the rural arena. Now I move to the city, whether it is a spiritual life, always full of happiness. "Sweet", national payment, pension insurance, etc., which brought the relocation of Easy, and the series of Huimin policies, so that our old age is more sweet.

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