Television reporter is crying in front of the camera, crying, collecting hot discussion, how to solve

4月 13, 2022 夜网

Television reporter is crying in front of the camera, crying, collecting hot discussion, how to solve

  What is "Xiaoli" cried? ■ Recently, Henan Radio and Television "Xiaoli Help" reporter Yang Xiaoli caused attention to the crowd in front of the camera.

It is understood that things stem from Anyang dogs only hurts incident: Anyang an old man bends in the community, being bored by large dogs, but the dog owner denied. In desirable, the old man is helping to "Help". Who is, monitoring, the media has also involved, but this simple civil dispute is abnormal.

  The family of the old man alarm, the police and Xiaoli arrived in front of the dog owner, but the dog owner avoided. Subsequently, Xiaoli asked the urban management department, and learned that the giant poodle belongs to the banned dog. Even if there is a local urban management, the police investigation and coordination of the jurisdiction, the dog owner still refuses to reply.

  It is understood that the dog owner is a local public office.

But when Xiaoli went to its unit, the other party avoided. Later they went to the unit again, but they rushed out several "mysterious people" to do. And the magical thing is that two dogs in "ban", the dog card has also been done, saying is a psychological counseling dog. The process is trivial, and the result is very "magic": continuous 9th program, things are still unresolved until October 16, the local discipline inspection department intervened. On November 17, Xiaoli, who continued to follow this matter, facing the shot of the shot – the old man biting by the dog, so far, there is no apology of the dog owner, but I will help the way to ask the law to cry. Apologize. Xiao Li’s cry, stems from some kind of weakness, is also a kind of question – his large dog is a "psychological counseling dog", is it compliant? Such a simple dispute, the resolution process is so complicated, where is the problem? In fact, whether it is a large dog involving urban ban, or refuses to take responsibility, or mysterious people carry stick threats, they have been suspected of violations.

Things have been exposed from September, and the program has also followed up the problem of violations of laws and disciplines in the event, but it is not included in the French framework.

This is difficult to do not cause doubt.

  In the end, large dogs bite the elderly, this is a problem, the problem is delayed, and it is a bigger problem.

Today, the local discipline inspection department has launched this investigation, hoping that these problems can be reasonably enactive answers as soon as possible. □ □ 宗 明 (Media).

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