Square is the mayor of the People’s Government of Yibin City

Square is the mayor of the People’s Government of Yibin City

Square is the mayor of the People’s Government of Yibin City

China Communist News Network September 9 (Wang Hao) Yibin Radio and Television 8th News: On the 8th, in the second plenary meeting of the 6th meeting of the 5th People’s Congress of Yibin City, the square is elected as the people of Yibin City. Mayor of the government. Work resume, male, Han nationality, March 1976, Anhui Shouxian, Joined the Communist Party of China in April 1998, July 2004 participated in the work, Tsinghua University’s computer science and technology professional graduation, doctoral degree, engineering Dr., associate professor. He is currently a deputy secretary of the Yibin Municipal Committee of Sichuan Province, the mayor of the municipal government, and the party secretary.

Master of Computer Science, Zhejiang University, Computer Science, Computer Software, Materials, Computer Science, Computer Science, Computer Science, Computer Science and Technology, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Department of Computer Science and Technology, University, University of Management Science and Engineering, Department of Management Science and Engineering Postdoctoral Flower Engineering, Postdoctive Research, Computer Department Assistant Researcher Tsinghua University Computer Department, Tsinghua Information National Laboratory Teacher, Assistant Researcher (D) The assistant of the director of the high-tech zone (herein: Squi Directors, the chairman of Wuxi Yongzhong Technology Co., Ltd., is clearly the positive level, was rated as associate professor) Jiangsu Wuxi Science and Technology Vocational College Vice President, Wuxi Yongzhong Software Co., Ltd. Chairman Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission member Sichuan Economic and Information Technology Committee deputy director, member of the member of the Sichuan Neijiang Municipal Party Committee, the Standing Committee of the Neijiang Municipal Party Committee, executive deputy mayor Sichuan Province, Chengdu High-tech District Party Work Committee deputy secretary, director of the management committee Secretary of the Party Work Committee and Management Committee of Chengdu High-tech Zone, Sichuan Province (免), Chengdu Tianfu International Airport New City Party Working Committee Secretary of the Communist Party Committee, Chengdu High-tech Zone Party Work Committee Secretary, Chengdu Tianfu International Airport New City Party Work Committee Secretary The Standing Committee of Chengdu Municipal Committee of Sichuan Province, the Secretary of the Party Work Committee of Chengdu High-tech Zone, Deputy Secretary of the Yibin Municipal Committee of Sichuan Province, deputy secretary of the Yibin Municipal Committee of Sichuan Province, mayor, Party Secretary (Editor: Wang Hou, Deng Zhihui).

US: US experts sell "double fleet model" to the US military (3)

US: US experts sell "double fleet model" to the US military (3)

During the peace, the US Navy needs large ships.

For Americans, unless a comprehensive war, small ship is purely a waste of assets, and it will be idle before the big-scale war is coming.

However, unmanned water surface ships may be able to complete the arduous tasks of the US extensive responsibility.

During the year or even decades without a large-scale war, the unmanned water surface ship capable of stopping the pier does not require too much maintenance cost.

In essence, Washington can build two fleets: a multi-task peaceful period for large ships; plus a large number of small and cheap, all-in-armed unpaired warfare fleet. The United States has a comparison of direct quantity with the Chinese fleet, it seems to be smaller. However, during the crisis period, the US Navy can catch up with or exceeds the Chinese Navy on the quantity of the ship, completely illustrate China’s approach: deploy a large number of small ships to perform a single outbreak task.

If that concept is familiar, this is because it is the purpose of the US Navy leaders to drive the fleet to try the various robotic ships.

Re-visiting the Central Red Army Length Collection and departing from the beginning of the footprint

Re-visiting the Central Red Army Length Collection and departing from the beginning of the footprint

Editor’s press: I don’t forget the joy, I have to always. 85 years ago, the Central Red Army started from Jiangxi and began a world-famous long protester.

More than 20 days ago, the General Secretary Xi Jinping came to all, before the departure of the Central Red Army, call on the new journey of the whole party in the new journey of building a socialist modernization country, and then put forward. In the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, the "unforgettable, remembering the mission" theme education, this newspaper started the "Strive for 70 years of struggle for the new era" The footprints of the ancestors, excavate the touch of the people, and promote the greatness of the great long march. Through remembering the revolutionary martyrs, inheriting the red gene, let the revolutionary history into the reality, enlighten the future with the revolutionary spirit. Even the rain, Jiangxi is rising in the river, and the car is crossing the riverside and arrives on the other side. 85 years ago, more than 10,000 people faced the river, struggling to win the second, for a whole 3 days, crossing the river expedition. History span in 85 years, Tao Tao is in Duyu, a history, one with a history – October 18, 1934, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China led the main force of the Central Red Army, Nanyue in Duyu, stepping on the Long March road.

Where to go? How to get? Whether it is a warrior or an ordinary people, most people don’t know, but there is a belief: follow the party.

At the bank, the cold is hit, the people in the mountains, the mountains, for the pontoon, the masses took the door panel, the bed, and even the bouquet.

The fellows followed the Red Army, and the eggs, glutinous rice groups waited for the warrior pocket, and I didn’t want to leave for a long time.

Yang Shuzhi, the first group of the first group of the Red Army, later recalled: "The cold is very heavy, let’s look back in the opposite side of the lantern, the fire will be sent to the Red Army, and we can not help but feel the feeling of heating.

According to historical records, the Central Red Army Changjun has conducted more than 380 battles, and more than 430 cadres were sacrificed. The average age was less than 30 years old. Climb the snow mountain through the grass, over 18 large mountains, cross 24 rivers … The initial heart and faith, inspire this team with an unfair, overcome all difficulties? For more than one hour, more than a small party, the Hanxin Village, Xiao Dongyang, took out a light red martyrs book. One page turned over, the smallest thing is 14 years old, and there is no news after 1934.

Hanxin Village participated in the long march, and only one person came back.

There are still many such stories. All the way interviewed, all the way, sometimes I have to stop, and wipe the tears of the sun. On the eve of the departure, the people of all the people, the wife sent the wang, only more than 20,000 people in the military; in all the people saved their own ration, only from 1934 to the Red Army to raise 79390 bursts … .

Causeway Bay, the Red One Legion, the departure, and the place where the Red Yeng Legion army is located, and the segment is a story of the grassland to the grassland.

The village Duan Chunhua tells us the story of the Grand Paragraph Nine long: "Mobilization will be opened, grandfather will be the Red Army." Because he is high, the 39-year-old section of the year carried the reporter followed by Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, etc. The leaders of the Central Committee, nearly 10 soldiers who protect the newspapers were sacrificed, and finally only one of him and another comrades, I took the initiative to Yan’an. After the liberation, the section of the section returned to the countryside, once in Beijing, visited Chairman Mao, Chairman left him. When I left, I will take the money to take back to my hometown. After that, Chairman Mao listened to the nine long and still lived in the hut, and sent 300 yuan. Section 9 long, there are several short rooms, but will send 120 yuan of the province to Beijing. "Grandpa is often hanging in the mouth is: You don’t want to add trouble to the government, the country is still not affluent!" Duan Chunhua introduced that village cadres came to condolences, the elderly always said that there is no requirement, but he is especially enthusiastic. .

Although the toe is frozen in the snow, you will always give you a story of the story as long as the village and the surrounding school need.

When the 86-year-old age, the section of the section also took a young person, which is a variety of villages in the village and around several villages.

"Seeing the power, the grandfather smiled and got closed." Duan Chunhua said.

Nowadays, Hanxin Village, more than 700 square meters of tourists are willing to be completed, and the two-story small building of the villagers will start.

"The party and the government did not forget the people of our old district. In the past two years, in the past two years, the per capita annual income conservative said that they have a million yuan." The village branch Xiao Fuchun said proud. The positive college entrance examination is over, Xiao Fuchun tells us that after each year, the village must put the student feast in the ancestral hall, the first sentence is to tell you: "Do not forget the party, don’t forget the ancestors, take a new life road!" "People’s Daily" (June 12, 2019 01).

The courier earns more than four or five hundred "delivery" every month.

The courier earns more than four or five hundred "delivery" every month.

  Recently, "Express delivery fees" became a hot spot, Zhongtong, Yuantong, Shentong, Baidi, Yunda, etc., etc., etc., regulations, from September 1st, all network distribution Yuan / ticket.

  After the feppension is improved, "Express Brother" increase how much income every month? Does consumers want to "buy" for this? What is the impact on the price war of major express delivery companies? In response to these issues concerned, the reporter conducted an investigation. Delivery to transfer the paid / ticket courier than the monthly increase of 500 yuan yesterday, Jiangbei District Yunda Express Small Brother Chen Ning Mountain told reporters that he can send a video of 4000-4500 tickets per month. " fluctuation.

Wang Zhifen, the relevant person in charge of Shunfeng Express Chongqing Branch, told reporters that SF’s express delivery is generally about 4,000 tickets every month, and some express delivery can make more.

  Subsequently, the reporter learned from Zhongtong and Yunda and other express delivery companies that these company’s express brothers, the average monthly delivery volume is maintained in the range of 4000-5000 votes.

  What does the palette will mean for the courier? Putting the paid on the paid, complete 4000-5000 votes, express brothers can increase the income of 400-500 yuan per month.

  It is worth mentioning that the delivery fee will be issued directly from the delivery company to each courier, not by the franchise network. Zhongtong, also reported that the joining outlets must not be trapped casually. Express delivery fee rising consumers do not need to "buy" for consumers, express delivery fee, does it mean to pay more in the future? "The delivery of the delivery is not related to the express price, but the labor cost of the express delivery company has increased." The relevant person in charge of some express delivery companies told reporters. The relevant person in charge of Yuantong Express said that "the head office raised the payment of the delivery," now many couriers have left because the delivery is too low, the new courier is very difficult, the company wants to solve this problem by adding disposal Consumers will not be affected. "The reporter learned that, in fact, the fees refer to the courier sent a courier income. In the express delivery industry said that the upward dispute belongs to the internal adjustment ratio assignment of the courier company, and there is no impact on the sending and recipient. The delivery fee will not cause a new round of price war company rising dispute and courier group rights guarantee policy.

  On July 10 this year, 7 departments such as the Ministry of Transport and the State Post Bureau were issued and issued with the "Opinions on Doing the Legal Right and Interests of Courier Group".

It will be proposed, and the "Express Terminal Payment Guidelines" will be developed, and the company has urged the company to maintain a reasonable end dispatch level to stabilize the courier’s income level.

  It is worth mentioning that the income guarantee for employees, SF will announce salary to the courier in July.

From August 1, this year, from December 31, SF will carry out income activities for the collection, that is, on the basis of the unchanging of the existing party, add more than 200 million yuan to enhance employees. income. On July 9, Zhongtong Express announced the funding of "express Xiaogong Chuan Chuan Fund", providing funds for express delivery, and their families, which caused the difficulties, and their families in the causes of diseases, accidental injuries. Zhao Xiaomin, expert expert, said, "With the order of the market order, the legal rights of the courier and the relevant policies of the express delivery industry and the green environmental protection and other related policies, the single price war model of the express delivery company has not been possible."

"Zhao Xiaomin believes that the rise of the delivery fee will not directly affect the performance of express delivery company, but the fees can be just the first step, and there will be other links in other links, which will bring a certain profit pressure to the courier company. "" To alleviate these pressures, it is possible to increase the increase in express prices. "News observation dispatcher is relieved" User’s Description "" Delivery to the door "problem is still in the notice in the notice, and the dispatch will be directly sent to the hands of the salesman. Freshly intercepted.

In the express delivery industry believes that the disposal fee is directly sent to the courier, avoiding the loss of the courier to a certain extent, which is conducive to cracking the "use of industry shortage" in the express industry. In an interview with a reporter, the person in charge of the reporter said that the express delivery will lose the profit, the first-level pressure level, the ultimately lose or the courier: "The courier salary is low, There will be a serious loss of people.

Without employees, the outlets will also be affected, and then the first level is affecting the company’s headquarters. "

  There is a courier told reporters that the traffickeepers have long been a normal, and some have just been gone for two days, and even the names of colleagues have not been recognized. "Since this year, a first-line operation employee has been shortage.

I can’t recruit people, I can only improve the price of the delivery, causing you to join a year in a loss. "The person in charge of a courier company complained. On the other hand, the courier is a decline in profit, resulting in only an expansion of the single amount to maintain the profits of the courier and the end outlet.

In order to improve efficiency, the courier will put the parcel directly in the station or express cabinet. However, such practices have damaged the user experience. Today, the express delivery company guarantees the income of the courier to a certain extent, but does not propose reasonable solutions for the "delivery of the door".

Express outlets single-piece express delivery profit is low, the courier company does not pay the door, and the phenomenon of the express delivery in the station will still exist without the recipient.

  Chongqing Morning News · Upstream Journalists Zhang Wei (Editor: Cover Pure, Zhang Wei) Share more people see.

The "same bed dream" under the American "Democracy" big

The "same bed dream" under the American "Democracy" big

  The so-called "Democratic Summit" hosted by the United States has been bleeding.

According to its own interests, the United States will pull all the allies "to make a game", and finally opened a "loneliness". American "Democracy" flag, now not only deceived the majority of the international community, can’t cover up the United States and many allies.

  An article in the US "Washington Post" has been published in a single-handed article: a major vulnerability of the so-called "Democracy Summit" is its "Democratic" will be based on their "imaginary" of their common commitment to democratic values.

  The fact is that the internal contradictions in the so-called alliance system headed by the United States are obvious. The US and Allies have a difficulty of "interest".

In recent years, under the "US Priority" policy guidance, the US has a significant spiritual nature, which is not polite to Europe, from steel aluminum products, red wine, cheese tariffs, to aviation subsidies, digital service tax Dispute, the United States and the allies, boxing to meat, and don’t make each other.

After the Biden government came to the stage, although in the speech tried to appease and recovered the allies of the predecessor "deep injury", the actual actions and the predecessor did not have much difference. From the rule of huge submarine order, it is not polished to harvest Australia to the anti-China "horse-stroke", and the allies feel the coldness of the "big brother".

  There is a huge "strategy" in the United States and allies. Various selfish people in the United States makes the European allies feel that it is difficult to rely on the so-called "crossing the Atlantic Alliance" to maintain its safety.

Although the Biden government shouted "Return to the United States", Europe’s "strategic autonomous" voice is getting loud. In the relationship between the big country, the United States is always looking for the allies and China and Russia for the so-called strategic competition, but most of the allies will oppose the United States and promote China’s "detachment", European political circles "should not have a bias" "" Western countries in global problems " It should be cooperated with China "and other rational sounds. Martin Jacin, a well-known British, pointed out that China attitude is different from the most typical differences between the Group of Seven countries.

  The US and allies have serious "trust in dangers".

Over the years, the United States has established a huge "monitoring empire" to maintain global hegemony, and the European allies are also included in the list of listeners, making Europe’s up and down extreme dissatisfaction. The United States has not fully negotiated with the allies and rushed from the Afghanistan, which made the Allies’ garrison.

Beauty of all kinds of doing, cadency.

The poll showed that some of the one-third of the respondents in European countries believe that the United States is a trusted partner. Some of the European political circles and scholars believe that experienced "Trump Era", plus the US domestic political uncertainty, European allies are difficult to remove, European and American relations are difficult to "yesterday reproduce". France’s "World News" warning, as long as it involves the interests of the United States, the European ally does not expect any benefiting or courtesy.

  Various facts show that the United States is not all the allies, but a "cheerleader"; it is not a friend who can sit in peace with himself, but the only American horse is looking for "follow".

This "main servant" of natural unequal is destined to go.

At present, the US domestic problem is heavy, and the allies of the allies are serious, and the situation of the United States and allies is gradually become normal, and the differences are inevitable. At the global level, the United States created the allies system, which is fundamentally to safeguard US hegemony.

For this purpose, we will use its so-called allies system, manufacture international split, and destroy international unity. This international "mountainist" of this gear gang is contrary to the international potential to pursue cooperation and win-win, which is contrary to the trend of the era of unity and collaboration, and has no future. (Reporter Li Huang) Xinhua News Agency Beijing, December 13, Electricity Editor: Li Hui.

Shandong Province announced the fifth batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage representative project directory

Shandong Province announced the fifth batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage representative project directory

Original title: Shandong Province announced the fifth batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage representative projects Recently, Shandong Province announced the fifth batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage representatives (95 items) and the provincial intangible cultural heritage representative Sexual Project Directory Extension Project Directory (Total 74 items).

Directory includes folk literature, traditional music, traditional dance, traditional drama, curved, traditional sports, entertainment and acrobatics, traditional art, traditional skills, traditional pharmaceutical, folklore, etc.

  The non-material cultural heritage of Shandong Province is very rich.

At present, there are more than 1.2 million non-syndrometers of all kinds of non-regional lines, and there are 8 "human non-legacy representatives" project identified by UNESCO, and 186 national listings (quantities ranking second in the country), province Level list 1073, municipal list 4,121, county-level directory 12758; 88 national inheritors, 429 provincial inheritors, 2553 municipal heritage, 8025 inheritance people. There are 1 national cultural ecological protected area in the province, that is, Qilu Culture (Weifang) Ecological Reserve is one of the 7 national cultural ecological protected areas in the country; there are 13 provincial levels such as Yellow River Culture (Dongying) Ecological Protection Experimental Zone. Cultural Ecological Protection Experimental Area.

3 companies including Dong Ajiajiao Co., Ltd. were named as the national non-affordable demonstration base for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and there were 68 provincial-level non-productive protection demonstration bases such as Texas Chicken Group. There are more than 1200,000 non-legacy companies and business workers, and more than 39 million people are directly employed. (Zhang Yizhi Zhang Chuanying) (Editor: Nie Jun, Liu Yingxi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Shanghai adheres to the strategic status of the development of talents (in-depth implementation of the new era "strong country strategy)

Shanghai adheres to the strategic status of the development of talents (in-depth implementation of the new era "strong country strategy)

"Shanghai has a talent agglomeration effect, with a tolerant of the cociation policy, this is the reason I came to Shanghai.

"On September 29th, 2021 Sea Jie Ji Creative Entrepreneurship Summit launched the scene, Dean of the Shanghai Tree Graphic Block Chain Research Institute, Dragona University Assistant Professor Longfan.

On the same day, the relevant departments of Shanghai issued Hajerying Talents "Thousands of Enterprises Wanyang" high-level talent demand posts, "unveiled" The "Mount Mount" The Directory and Innovation Measures of the Project Catalog. Among them, only the high-level talented demand for Hajershan, thousands of people, covering 2944 householders, 14122 positions, covering financial, high-end manufacturing, biomedicine, aerospace, etc.

In recent years, Shanghai in-depth implementation of the policy of "Gathering the Talents", adhering to the strategic status of talents leading the development, the talent advantage is an important manifestation of the core competitiveness and soft strength of Shanghai. The total amount of 6.75 million talented resources in Shanghai management and professional technology. Shanghai has received more than 10% of the national science and technology awards in 19 years. In recent years, Shanghai scientists have been published in the "Nature" "Science" "Cell" three international top academic journals to publish papers account for more than 25% of the country.

The Chief Representative of China’s Representative Office of the University of Virginia, China, evaluated: "Whether it is researching, doing financial, or engaged in humanities, you can find a place in Shanghai.

"Accelerating the high-level talents highland, Shanghai is focusing on optimizing talent development environment, highlighting system innovation and first try.

Classification to promote the reform of talent evaluation mechanism. Highlight marketization, take the lead in the promotion of leading enterprises and other strategic emerging industries in integrated circuits, artificial intelligence and biomedicine.

Highlight internationalization, support Shanghai University of Science and Technology to explore the common professor-centered, learn from the international access to the international standard, establish a new system, heavy education, the potential, and internationally recognized people.

Highlight convenient, universities "green channel" of excellent young talents at home and abroad. Promoting the transfer transformation of scientific achievements.

Strengthen the incentive effect of market value, clarifying the transfer of scientific and technological achievements to deduct direct costs, and more than 70% of net income can be used to reward individuals and teams.

Optimize the management of academic leaders of scientific research institutions to fully release the innovative vitality of high-level talents.

Guarantee the autonomy of the employer.

Cancel a batch of administrative approvals and filings in talent recruitment, title review, personnel flow and other links, decentralized position, assessment evaluation, income distribution, etc. , Coordinate.

Let more "Miles" Pentium in the new era, the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, the Minister of Organization, the Minister of Organization, said: "Shanghai will make the momentum of innovation and start more, and the door of the ingredients is more open, and quality life is The base is more prison, let people go in struggle, so that the city will always be vibrant in everyone’s luck. "(Editor: 迪, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing Let more people see.

Test Events Augur Well for Stellar Beijing Winter Games

Test Events Augur Well for Stellar Beijing Winter Games

MedicalstaffareonstandbyduringafigureskatingtesteventattheCapitalIndoorStadium. [Photo / Xinhua] OrganizersoftheBeijing2022WinterOlympicssayongoingtesteventssuggestthecitywilldeliversafeandstellarGamesnextyear ,, includingfigureskatingandshort-trackspeedskating, thebusytestingprogramwillcontinueonthesnowlaterthismonthwithsnowboardingandfreestyleskiingcrosscompetitionsheldfromNov27-28atGentingSnowParkinZhangjiakou, BeijingillalsotakeplacefromDec4-5attheNationalSkympicCommittee, theInternationalParalympicCommitteeandrelevantinternationalwintersportsgoverningbodiesatbrainstormingsessionsafterallthetesteventstostreamlinevenuesandfacilities, scheduling, timingandscoring, COVID-19protocols, servicesandmediaoperations, saidYaoHui ,, JuanAntonioSamaranch, chairmanoftheIOCsBeijing2022CoordinationCommission, hasspokenhighlyoftheChinesecapitalspreparatoryworktobetheworldsfirstcitytohostboththesummerandwintereditionsoftheOlympics. "Wehavereceivedoverwhelmingpositivefeedbackfromathletesandinternationalorganizationson thevenueshostingthetestevents, "SamaranchsaidduringatlaceattheNationalSlidingCenterinnorthwestBeijingsYanqingdistrict, theBeijing2022organizingcommitteeconfirmedonFridaythattwoforeignathletespreparingfortheeventhavetestedpositiveforCOVID-19inrecentnucleicacidtestsandhavendingatBeijingCapitalInternationalAirport, whereallinboundparticipantsfortheongoingtesteventsandtheGamesnextyearwillenterclosed-loopmanagement, alsoknownasbiosecurebubbles, withtheirmovementrestrictedonlybetweentheiraccommodationfacilities, trainingandcompetitionven, anotherlugeathletefromthesamedelegationtestedpositiveonThursday ,, andthetwoathleteshavebeentakengoodcareofatadesignatedhotelisolatedfromeachotherandtherestoftheCupparticipantsunderclosehealthmonitoringwithnecessarytreatmentprovided, accordingtotheBeijing2022organizingcommittee, shouldtheirtwice-a-dayCOVID-19testskeepreturningnegativeresults, willbeallowedtocontinuetrainingontheOlympictrackevenifhavinghadclosecontactwiththetwopositivecases, saidHuangChun,deputydirectoroftheoffice.”Wehavetoguaranteethesafetyofallparticipants,moreimportantlythehealthofthegeneralpublic,whileatthesametimemakingsurethatthetrainingandcompetitionwontbeaffected,””ExperienceBeijing”internationaltesteventseriesinearlyOctober,over2,600overseasparticipantshaveenteredChinafortrainingandcompetition,whilenootherpositivecases,exceptforthesetwonewcases,havebeenreported,lefortheorganizerstodealwithpotentiallymorechallengingscenariosduringtheGamesthemselves,whileprovingthatBeijing2022sCOVID-19countermeasures-highlightedbydailytesting,bubblemanagementandquickresponses-areworkingwell,,thelugeWorldCupmeetwillseethetopspeedste,whichhasearnedresoundinginternationalacclaimbyhostingsmoothtestrunsforbobsledandskeletonraceslastmonth.”Weveencounteredenormouschallrvicesbasedonreviewsoftheseeventshavebeenquitevaluable,”Yaosaid.。

Strengthen the mission in the history of the party

Strengthen the mission in the history of the party

"Everything is the people, then the people will go to it." Jiao Yulu "is also the dunes, the death of the dunes, the father and the old life"; Yang Shanzhou retired, struggle for more than 20 years to create a forest farm, afforestation more than 50,000 mu, " A little do not have any remuneration "; Shen Hao" for the development of Xiaogang Village, even if you sacrifice your own life "… A generation of outstanding Communists use the initial writing to write loyalty, with the mission of burning ambition, highlighting" often thinking about the country, "The mission is responsible, leaving a valuable wealth, and ramping the monument. Party history is the best nutrient.

The third episode of the Party History of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the third episode of the provincial party committee, the provincial party committee learns, to keep in mind the initial mission, firm ideals and beliefs, and in depth, the general secretary of the training, the important instructions of the important speech, the history of the party, Historical mission of understanding the ideology, doing practical things, opening a new bureau, completing "in the development of the development of a new road" in the development of a new road. At the same time, the party members and cadres must learn the party history, not only to learn the wisdom and strength, but also to take the mission of the era, pick up the relay stick, continue to write a new chapter.

"The direction determines the road, the road decides to fate." The development of transformation is the fundamental way out of the development of Shanxi, the only way out, and there is no way. In the development of the transformation, it is our great mission. It is our historical responsibility. It is based on the new development stage, and implements the new development concept. Improve economic quality, constantly consolidate the material foundation of the people’s livelihood and Huimin students. Reflections, new to history. The party history is the case, the candle is the future.

From the struggle of wisdom and strength from the history of the party, they will inherit the red gene, carry forward the red genes, promote the good tradition, strengthen the awareness of the pioneer, and internalize the revolutionary spirit and the initial mission to the heart, externalization, Learn the party history and summarize experience, observe the reality, and promote work, transform the precious nutrients in the party’s history into real political literacy and ability, maintain a strategic and competent, strong sense of beliefs, and be brave in challenge At the beginning of the heart, I started to create a new bureau in hard work. A action wins a plan. Strengthening the mission, never shouting slogans, the key to "doing the middle school, learn to learn, learn to use, to promote school, learning the same", "take the lead" to grab the opportunity, "wading" up and down Listed, in the "New Road", we dare to use the reform method to open the mountain, meet the water frame bridge, especially the focus of the key reform field, to attack the city, attack hard, and strive to achieve "Six new" breakthroughs, Strive to form a solidity of aggressiveness, chasing the good situation of the opening of the New Bureau, earnestly use the specific action of "I do practical things for the masses" to see the people, to see, the reform and development results of the people , Continuously enhance the people ‘s sense, happiness, security.

Dedish talking in the country, the trunk of Xingbang.

Can be loaded, dare to take, and the career will be unprecedented.

The key to victory is the key to the implementation. Pick up the power stick, continue to write a new chapter, you must be in the game, take a role, fight hard, work hard, tireless, like hunger, pursue excellence in the peak of the climb, and the time of responsibility, in the true knife The trunk of the gun has achieved a career.

If you want to do business, you have to do things.

Only in terms of work, grow in the middle of the new era in the vast world of the new era, and let life show your brave running in the hard work of your life. The new situation requires a new service, calling new as. Education guides party members and cadres to firmly understand the ideals and beliefs in the history of the party, strengthen the mission, unity lead the masses to screwing into a rope, the heart is going to think The new victory in the opening of the role is the first in the development of transformation. (Li Huiyong) Source: Shanxi Daily.

Sinopec Waterstof Energie Project Ondertekening Tianjin Free Trade Zone

Sinopec Waterstof Energie Project Ondertekening Tianjin Free Trade Zone

Originele titel: Sinopec Waterstof Energie Project Ondertekenen Gratis Trade Zone, Tianjin Port Bonded Area Management Committee en Sinopec Sales Co, Ltd Tianjin Petroleum Branch, Light (Shanghai) Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. Ondertekend een samenwerkingsovereenkomst De Waterstof Waterstof Energy Energy (Tianjin) Ltd.

  Waterstof kan een belangrijke oplossing zijn voor het bereiken van de-koolstof en speelt een belangrijke rol bij het bevorderen van carbon-up pieken, koolstofneutralisatie.

Tianjin Port Bonded Area is een verzamelgebied van de sleutelindustrie van de stad om de energie-energie-industrie te ontwikkelen. In de afgelopen jaren is het gebonden gebied de lay-out van waterstofproductie, hydrogeneringsinfrastructuur, een partij kerndeelprojecten versneld om de landing, waterstof te registreren Brandstofcel vorkheftruck, zware truckscène-toepassingen, waterstof die aanvankelijk wordt gevormd door de industri?le keten. Het gebonden gebied vertegenwoordigt Binhai New Area Participatie aan de Peking-Tianjin-Hebei National Fuel Cel Vehicle Demonstration City Group is officieel goedgekeurd en heeft een goede beleidstoestand gecre?erd voor de versnelde ontwikkeling van de regionale hydrogenergie-industrie.

  Als ‘s werelds top 500-bedrijven, is China Petrochemical Group Corporation gebaseerd op’ s werelds toonaangevende, schone energiebedrijven, in termen van waterstofcapaciteit. Sinopec Tianjin Petroleum Company is de grootste tankstationbediening in Tianjin. Het wordt de eerste batch van commerci?le operaties, de eerste batch van commerci?le operaties, de eerste partij commerci?le operaties in Tianjin, die de eerste batch van commerci?le operaties in Tianjin zal worden Tianjin, na de voltooiing van het bedrijf. Site.

  Licht (Shanghai) Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. is een bedrijf dat zich inzet voor het leveren van hydrogenergie-energie-toepassingsoplossingen, ge?ntegreerde middelen om een ??ecologische keten van een waterstof-energie-industrie te bouwen, is momenteel de grootste operationele onderneming in China’s commercieel getransporteerde waterstofaccu voertuigen. Eerder, in Shanghai, Beijing en andere plaatsen en Sinopec zijn de demonstratie-applicatie en bevordering van waterstofbrandstofcelvoertuigen op grote schaal samengewerkt.

  Het is duidelijk dat Sinopehydrogen Energy (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., die is opgebouwd in het Tripartite, zich concentreren op de demonstratiebewerking van waterstofcelvoertuigen en de bouw van de bouwoperaties van het waterstofstation, bouwen "autostation – Jing "Koppelbewerkingsmodus, via de terminalklanten leveren concurrerende hydrogen-voertuigcapaciteitsdiensten om de duurzame ontwikkeling van de hele industrieketen te besturen.

De gebonden zone zal gebaseerd zijn op Sinopehydride Energy (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., verder verdiept de samenwerking met Sinopec in waterstof en nieuwe energie en verzamel kwaliteitsprojectbronnen. Draag bij aan de implementatie van "dubbele koolstof" doelen. (Reporter Chen Wei) (Editor: Li Dan, Cui Xinyao) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.